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Published in Lithuania - Warfare analysis - 26 Jan 2016 09:40 - 4

Hello everyone!
First of all, super thanks for everyone who fought in battle of Svealand today. We did it!!

Let's see what Swedish CP wrote in his super drama article days ago:


Stop everything you are doing now!! We didn't win battles since he wrote his article threatening us!


Oh wait, something is wrong with his threats.

Well, we found it really funny so we decided to help Sweden! We just incorporated them to our nation! Welcome to Lithuania, Stockholm! You don't need to worry about demanding anything from Lithuania once you are now part of it. Yaaay!


Jokes apart thanks for every support guys! Fighting super cards is hard but we can do it, thanks friends and allies!

Hail Lithuania!
Hail Baltics!


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o7 I'm in your side personally ^^
Logic is stronk! Smile
Hail Lithuania! Hail EAGLE! Hail Baltics!
Lithuania stronk, Vytautas tankers o/