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Published in Hungary - Financial analysis - 26 Jan 2016 07:46 - 57

Dear fellow players, Dear Admins,

I m here today to discuss something that I think is in many players minds.  I came to this game from a very similar one (in name and in structure too) with the hope things will be different here. You can guess the name of that game but that s not very important, the important thing is their business model: pay to win (PTW).

Don t get me wrong dear Admins. I know the importance of money and it s pure necessity in everyday life. What I m trying to say is that in my opinion, there is a healthier, more sustainable way to make money, where more players join in and the community doesen t become angry/indifferent/hopeless.

What my opinion is on PTW:

It is a model that favours the rich.

The problem is that we come here to live in a dreamworld, not to live our same IRL lives what we have. Games give the possibility to get out of reality and become anything you want in my opinion. But only until the moment PTW is introduced. This system will only make the community angry and leave the game shortly and Visas/Mastercards can stay behind and play their own game. If you take a close look at the other game I mentioned this is what s happening their. Once they had a base of players of hundreds of thousands, now the majority left and they are struggling with barely tens of thousands of remaining players.

What would be a healthy system ?

Well, as I mentioned before my intention is not to take away anyone s hard earned money. I don t have any problem with anyone making big money, and don t get me wrong, You Admins have the potential to make huge money, if you are patient in the beginning and give time for the community to build up. In my opinion, my system would give you larger profits too on a long time term.

So instead of PTW I m suggesting a supporter system. The main point is: nobody should be able to buy gold with IRL money. Instead, my idea is kind of a monthly subsctiption system, where players say thank you to the Admins for the joy what they get. And maybe players could get some extras, but NOT gold! No economic advantage for IRL money in an economy simulator!

Instead, you could give them little functional and/or design advantages.

Some examples:

-easier worker management
-extra statistics (on factories, production, battles, anything)
-international lottery (you would have also the opportunity to control currency amounts and gold price)
-bigger logo on profile page
-online chat support
-can post more frequently on walls
-bigger better nicer world map with more functions
-direct travel with 1 click on battle page
-changeable themes on the pages (dark theme for night owls, pink for girls, whatever)
-ability to use emoticons in shouts and articles
-some snowflakes
-No ads (thx dePeatrick, how could I forget)
-etc (only creativity is the barrier on these)

Exact example:

2,99 EUR / month: extras (the above mentioned)                            Amethyst supporter
4,99 EUR / month: extras + 1 snowflake + 2 energy drinks                Emerald supporter
6,99 EUR / month: extras + 2 snowflake + 5 energy drinks               Sapphire supporter
8,99 EUR / month: extras + 5 snowflake + 10 energy drinks             Ruby supporter

I ll be completely honest with you Admins. In the current business model I would/will never pay a cent to Erevollution.
However if you introduce this system, I d grab emerald at least every month.

Hope you consider this a workable option too and we can build a long and prosperous game!



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Visa The Debate

Most importantly, if you agree with me and would pay in my system, please leave a comment with the package name, so Admins can count if it s really worth it financially to change the system!



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v7 done, o7
v11 o7
v22 I agree. o/
v+old sub
We need deeds, not words. -Vasil Levski
nice thinkings,but i doubt admins will accept this lolz
We need more flexibility for players not VISA.
The problem is not the gold purchasing per se, it's the lack of limits. In the v1 of eR, the great tanks were those players who fought... 84 times, or 89 times a day, IIRC. They did so with the Health packs, each costing 2G. You could buy up to 40 of them each day (making it an overall of 80G). The great tanks weren't VISA players, but rather, the old dinosaurs with more strenght than anyone, and they were, more often than not, paid by governments. Starting with the rounds system, eR took away the limits. You want to fight 3000 times a day AND can afford it? You CAN do it, buddy! Personally, I believe that a limit on how much you can fight a day would be the ultimate medicine: VISA players can still shine, but they won't be like a sun next to a thousand little light-less stars (that's it, normal players)
Genocidio von Amano Ikari: If you limit the fights you take away the challenge. And also, what will visa players buy then? Because they certainly won't buy 5000 factories... What you say is a 0 income scenerio for admins I think. And there's still the chance to buy your economy for money, which is sick in an economy simulator :|
If by "taking away the challenge" you mean "trying to outdamage a guy willing to pay any ammount of money to outdamage you", then yes, that's exactly what I'm proposing. And following your logic, if your system is implemented (in which you can't buy gold with RL money), what VISA player is going to pay for a bigger logo profile? Like I said, I propose a middle ground: yes, let the VISA players pay to fight a lot more, but with a limit. Remove the chance to deal way, WAY more damage than thousands of players who, even if they aren't paying with RL money, are playing everyday.
Damage: Current system: VISAS beat you with 5000% of your damage Your system : VISAS limited but still beat you with 2000% of your damage and remain unbeatable My system: fair challenge between everyone Amins earnings: Current system: 0,5% of players pay OCCASIONALLY 4,9-69,9EUR Your system: same players pay less because they are limited My system: 10-30% of players pay REGULARLY 2,99-8,99 EUR
You seriously can't believe that just taking away buying gold with RL money can mean "fair challenge between everyone". You would have to force players to occupy countries in such a way that every country has the same population, and therefore, the same relative strength (how they organize themselves would be the deciding factor). But that's straying too far away of the issue. And I'll say it again: I hardly think 10~30% (your numbers) of the player base will pay for mostly cosmetic things (the only thing that really makes them advance in an "unfair" way is the snowflakes). Subscriptions of your system tend to work when you need them to actually play the game (WoW comes to mind)
I Would easily become VISA if this system was implemented.
For u know,the monetary market in Brazil... For each €, we pay R$4,40... K since the minimun wage here is R$880,00... Let's think that most valuable gold package is about €69.99, converting in Brazilian real is R$307.96! For us it's almost half a minimun wage O.o
Soo good
v, good article
big vote o7
voted o7
dont worry packs will come next, this is not similar game to eRepublik, it is eRepublik with bit different page-makeup. all of us that are here, like eRepublik but there is as you said to much PTW involved, and all points you made stands there, and reason why so many players have left game. Im not putting any real money here for 2 reasons, one- im not sure if game will survive as erep might sue them , and im not convinced buy game still not having support , forum or wiki set up. 2, i dont want to be dragged in to money-grab game, while as you pointed out monthly subscription in range of around 10e i would gladly give, but as it seams 10-15e per month would get you exactly nowhere in eRep, and im waiting to see if here will be any diferent
ask me. I know how to make it Laugh
Okay, but why dark theme only for night owls and not for night sparrows? Sad
this game will be the same as eRe*ublik :'( im thinking to quit now.
Vote !!!!
Reset the game! Cheeky
In this game VISA is GODLIKE, with 37.3 gold (2000 energy + 20 RPG) they can make many hundred damage, meanwhile normal player only can reach 50k-150k in 1 war. If visa player have 100 gold every day, i think it can make 1-3 million damage and you can destroy 10 countries in 1 war. Visa is good for admin, we know admin need that for maintain the game, etc but if the system still like this i bet people will leave less than 1 month. I'm totally agree with this article !! S196
mrcow +1
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! its time to change the system of what you call as "Premium Membership" admin Smile the future of this game is in your hand, wants to build a community or a cupidity Smile
good points o7
Yo compraria el Ruby supporter apoyo esta idea y comparto el punto de vista
nice idea!!!
vote sub
no sub4sub begging... nice article... sub and vote Laugh
Good points, also more ads and a subscription to remove ads would bring in some revenue. I pay to remove ads on other apps.
Great! o7
every similar game after eR started as this, PTW system. I dont judge them. But after a while people start to realize that is nonsense to invest some cash 10-20$, because there are players that can pay 100-200$ and yet, win over others. Change is needed. I like ur idea. Mby admin can implement ur idea and additionally to put limit on gold buy weekly.
My advice: - First 3 months free of charge, no option to buy gold with money, game will increase in players significantly. - After 3 months, monthly fee of x $ as membership and recognition of service. - The game for these 3 months will be very popular, as it will be different from every other PTW similar game, so many players will be here and willing to pay couple of dollars per month to remain in the game. = PROFIT AND BALANCED GAME
everyone online game start with small amount to get some extras but not sow much. twU cares FFW 313
A bussines which is earning money and rentability from day 0, is in large-plaze a product/service which won't be that and will be bankrupt. Examples: See the other games, I won't put here
Simple you can limit the Buypackage of gold. Per: Week, monthly etc. Per levels: Lvl 10-15-20-25-40 unblock BP option 1,2,3,4,5 Per days in row connecting: Option 1 unblock at 10 days of game, option 2 20, option 3, 30 days, option 4 60 days, option 5 80 days. Like Sign in every days at App Ios & Android games where games ofter gives you a reward by connecting every day. And other stuff, but if you leave people keep coming in a game, which hasnt got more than 1 month of life (and buy over 3-4k of golds, and tank alone vs entire countries, then your game will pass the same situation that passed: eR, IA, cR and others...
Go! Revolution on eRevolution!
@Put1n_hu1lo sorry, you have to put more "L" on eRevollution Cheeky
s228 sub 4 sub
ATEHTATOPOT +1 I agree, I whould pay till 10$, just for not having eRep2. I love this game and I think for a browser based game, virtual world is the best idea and the only one to work in a long term. Just need to make it fair for all players.