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Good evening or morning my fellow eAmericans  today’s edition willbe focused on tutorials which will help you to get by the day to day working for eRev and eUSA our great nation hail o/. Now to the important stuff how to get aid from the government, well that’s simple the Department of interior has created a program called CitizenAid Request and this program has a form that you would need to fill in order to received aid and even supplies from the government. The link will be given below. 
/DoIAidRequest - Citizen Aid Request Form

Now I would to thank HunBurry for taking histime and energy to make tutorial in order to help our eBadies to understand the working of eWorld. The link below will showcase the basic tutorial in order to
understand the game’s mechanic and the game play at hand. 

/GettingStarted - Beginner's Tutorial 

This tutorial is brought to by the Department of education and the Department of interior, good job guys :P. and

Thanks for the tutorial HunBurry  it is a detailed and easy to understand tutorialwhich will help most of the newcomers. Education is important it will ist us in many aspects of life and it will help to you be a productive independent individual in society. Ok enough praising education the importance of it we all know the importance of it. Now once you are familiar with the game play and the workingsof eWorld now you must familiarized ourselves in the community of eWorld. This tutorial below will introduce you to the community and also will explain few things like political party, Military unit, Newspapers and  about the government.  

/MediumLevelTutorial - Medium Level Tutorial

Again Thank you Hunburry for your head work and time youspent in making these tutorials which will be beneficial for our country and our eChildren. Hunburry you deserve the credit since the slides are actually really effective, easy to understand and colorful as well, I can also see that a lot of hard work went into it.  

Now back to the News, Now who is going for president of eUSA,will Biohaze run for reelection? The answer to that question is that we are unsure whether he would run again . Now who will run for the title of POTUS (President of the United States of America), I wounder who its. Can you guess who is it? Anyone. Hmmmm Still it is not sure we are that Biohaze whether or not would seek for a reelection. So who is going to run and it will be interesting since there is about 11 days for the presidential election and still nobody has decided who is going to run for the office at hand. Let’s see who would run and I wish them the best of luck. That is the news so far again remember be PROUD AND HORNY as always have an awesome day or night :P



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