The Melting Pot

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First off, hello! Welcome to my NEWspaper, and I hope you will return more than just this once. I am a student at Butler University in the real Midwest, and like to play this game on my free time. I am a Psychology and Biology major with a minor in Neuroscience. I love videogames and ultimate frisbee. I hope you enjoy this first article, and that I ll get a submission from you and see you again!

Now I created this paper with the hopes that people will send in their stories from wherever they live, and tell everyone else a little about themselves. I want you to send me in a story you have, information about yourself, or just anything you want to share to the other players of this game. I want to make us into a more cohesive group through showing each what diverse backgrounds we come from. Remember America wouldn t be America without the great diversity we have. I d love any suggestions for which way you want to see this paper turn, or if you have anything you d like to see! I m going to put some sort of video or song in each post.

Stay trippy,

For any hip-hop heads:


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It looks suspiciously like the article where I recruited you from xD
Pshhhhhh Wink