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The British Workers Party
Established January 2016



Welcome to our first edition, and our introduction.

The British Workers Party wish to be an alternate voice in British and International politics. We have a clear vision for the future, and wish for others to join us on that journey. 

In eRev, we feel there should be an organisation on the sidelines observing how our leaders are treating our people, how they spend our money, and our they interact with other nations. 

We are that organisation. 

Our simple philosophies are.... 
    The British Workers Party are there to ensure that our leaders are working for YOU 
    The British Workers Party wish for our nation to prosper socially and economically 
    The British Workers Party wish to promote inclusion 
    The British Workers Party wish for our residents to have fre of choice 
Our simple aims are... 
    The British people help our country prosper by contributing towards the economy 
    The British people are entitled to a living wage 
    The British people have their voices heard, and our leaders will hear your voice 
    The British people deserve fairness and equality 
We will ensure that we will always be in your corner, and make YOUR voices heard in congress.

Membership is open to all. We are inclusive, not exclusive.

Thank you, 

Alan Kirk


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