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This series of interview will be covering few player who will be running in the next presidential race. The first serie will be covering abaraham lincoln.
Well lets get this show on the road.

Will you be running for congress?

I might run (I'm still contemplating the possibility)

Smokey: what are you planning  to  do if you become the new president?

Abraham: There are a lot of things that need to be done. we need a welcome message, welcome committee for the new players and supply programs. increase weapon production and hand it out to soldiers. Keep the economy on a sustained level and keep cooperation with the alliance. I think it would be a good idea to invest a bit or at least get people to invest too. We should also put out bets on recruiting.people to our country too.I'm also splitting the DoI. There will be DoI and DoE.There should be a university too, something to guide whoever joins.

Smokey comments :

That will take a lot of money, man power and effort and right now we are practically lacking in all of those thing.
Smokey: What steps are you planning to take to improve the country's fragile economy?

Abraham: we can try to get manpower by recruiting people, i think that should be a top priority. more manpower should give more business opportunities and more people available to help. we need to keep a balance between taxes and the currency value, if the currency goes higher than 1g=200USD, we lose money. So that's the threshold. Taxes should be used to take money off the system to increase currency demand. we should in the, long run invest build some infrastructure to increase productivity.

Smokey: what is you motive on running for presidency? what are you hoping to accomplish?

 My main motive to run is really to serve the country and leave it stronger than it is at this precise moment. I also believe I have the necessary experience to do. What I hope to accomplish? To make the game experience better for all citizens by creating strong retention programs, an active military and a responsible foreign policy. I also hope to bring transparency to the citizens in all areas that are not as sensitive.

Smokey: who are the cabinet member going to be?

Abraham: I still haven't thought of all of them. I do have some in mind

Smokey: okay who are they.

Abraham: I'll like place kai as VP. As for the others, I have some names on my head like biohaze, spitfireYG, mrsharp, eddiea, thomas Killah, hunburry but it's still not all set.
Smokey: Which country do you feel is a  threat to u.s?

Abraham: closer to our borders I'd say Indonesia. While Mexico and Venezuela are members of Nexus so far neither of their Presidents showed any interest in striking us so for the time being they aren't a threat. Away from our borders, I'd say Serbia.

Last question~ Smokey: how do you feel about the last president Biohaze?

Abraham:  well, personally I think biohaze is a great guy and didn't do bad. I do think that for a first month a bit more should have been accomplished, however I don't put the entire responsibility on him. Some cabinet members could have been a bit more active and well, congress took quite a while to get the necessary laws ped. We had an entire country to set, foreign policy to handle and systems to be created. It was an herculian task and I think Biohaze was up to it. :)
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