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Published in Norway - Political debates and analysis - 25 Jan 2016 13:42 - 3

First of all I would like to tell our citizens that first elections for party president were rough terminated just three hours after it had started.
Reason for this is simple and by chance I figure out this morning when I decided to vote that I can't because I was not located in Norway. After that I moved to our last region and then I voted. Unfortunately game mechanisms are such that player must be stationed in region of its country to vote at elections. After we lose our last region our players who did not voted at morning were not possible to vote after losing last region. Result of this new situation we find as only five citizens of our community had voted at first elections for Party President. http://i.imgur.com/FJiNQkB.png 75% of our citizens were not included because our lack of knowledge about elections rules, so it makes this elections result less legitimate, as it would be if we had region and provided to all our citizens to be able vote.

Now about political situation in eNorway :

> We have President Pluvio which is only in control of our society as it was before this election

.> I will become new Party President and I will be able to propose new President of Norway.

> If we liberate a region between the 6th and 13th we will be able to propose candidates for Congress.  

What we can do about problems we found at:

> We can unite and make one m message by our military commander and captain so we can organize ourselves with needed food/ weapons/ energy bars/ bazookas for supporting a successful resistance war.

> I have some ideas of my own how our community could be, also I will listen all candidates which want to lead our community, and if I found someone with good ideas I will propose him for next eNorway president. By now I had contacted all members of our community but half of them was not return any message, and most who did answered in just few words, and now I ask for communication between us because it is most important in multiplayer strategy game.
Feel free to comment this article and said to me what should I do to make this situation better.



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I think it is best to work on the agreement with the UK release around Svalbard-Jan-Mayen, because this region borders only with Northern Norway which will be under the UK so we will be protected from enemy invasion. In return, we will fight in the UK because of its battles we will not have. In order to be able to fight for them, we would have signed the MPP only with them and thus to fight all their battles. We would have an independent state administration under us. Of course not excluded agreed training war where we would liberate the regions get hero resistance and true patriot medals, and it would give all of us some fun if the UK will not be included into war with other countries. Pluvio showed me the situation in the country, but also told me that the majority does not know the details, because he still does not have complete confidence in all members of the community.
Your point of view is interesting and I think it is one of the best I heard lately. But it seems that Pluvio does not believe me, because I am not familiar with the details you mentioned. I hope that I will be familiar with the details as soon as possible, because I am the president of a Binary party and the most likely candidate for the presidency of Norway, if no one can convince me to support him for being better choice at this time.