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Recently, two laws representing sweeping tax changes were proposed to Congress

The Increases of Work Taxes to 15%

The Increase of VAT to 99%

The Increase of Import Taxes to 15%

(Work Taxes)

(VAT/Import Tax Change)

I m aware a significant amount of revenue is coming from company upgrading and some from export licenses. Before we make any changes in taxes it s important to take a public look at how big a role this plays in our revenue creation.

However I m not quite sure how much would be made from an increase in taxes, nore what spcefically what this additional revenue would end up funding.

Not to mention, this vote isn t really coming with any warning in the public congress nore in game. The government should do a better job of communicating with the in game population, honestly. I myself have pm d people directly about joining the forums.

On Work Taxes:

Working for others is the primary source of money for new, un-established players outside of leveling up. You all may not be effected that much by a work tax increase because you make most of your money selling products, but that isn t the case for everyone.

On VAT: 

We are ware that this is just an increase on food materials. However there are producers who produce less food raw materials than they need to make food. Therefore it s important we look at impact publicly before making a decision here. it could easily only serve to raise prices for new players buying Food.

On Import Taxes:

The Import Taxes are a bit different. The lack of consultation and suddenness still remains. However we d be in favour of some import taxes to protect local production, however this is only in industries in which particularly valuable products are created, as otherwise it d be beneficial to off load production elsewhere. So if possible, targeted Import Taxes would have to come into effect. Which would also require more public discussion

As this vote is also coming suddenly, with minimal public discussion, we are voting AGAINST this increase.

Before we vote for any increases, we want to see a public study into the amount of revenue that can be expected along with a public bi-partisan discussion on the Tax rate. We understand that alone we won t shift the tide in voting ,but we re sure others in the Federalists agree with us on this.


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Did you consult your PP before writing this article? Because just a few days ago when I suggested lower taxes, your PP Thomas Killah suggested an even higer tax rate. I and few others worked our way to moderate taxes. I am not supposed to give numbers because that will lose me my job. Otherwise I would have presented a SS.
This vote is not coming suddenly, it was talked about between congress. maybe if congress was active on fourms people would be more informed.