Austrian News: September 18-24

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Greetings everyone! Both the world and our beloved citizens. This is our Austrian News for the Week of September 18 to September 24.

Here, we are going to publish the current situation of the country, the events, ideas and things that are going to be implemented in the following weeks. This news article might be updated on Friday/Saturday/Sunday with an Update notice on the Country s Chat box, for everyone to get informed about the changes in the article.

So, Let s Get Started!

    Currency Value Established: 0.01 Gold per ATS and 110 ATS per Gold

- This is something basic that needed to be implemented as soon as the new government was Established. We needed to implement a system of Exchange which would be Investment-Friendly so that we are on par with most of this world s countries. About 22 / 54 countries with active Exchange System have this value.

    We are now one of the countries with a Q5 Hospital

- Yes! You ve heard right, Austria is now in ownership of a Q5 Hospital which will be installed on Vienna right after the Party President Elections.

    Party President Elections Candidates!

-The upcoming PP Elections are coming soon! With 4 Parties, Plenty will have their own and new essence after the new PP s are elected. Here are the candidates:
-Shayco for the Royal Austrian Party
-Bryce Kelley Vs Hrvat for the Osterreich Party
-Piolas Vs Ricochet for the Austrian First Party
-Macromedia for the Hrvati u Austriji Party

    United Independent Nations

-A New Alliance has emerged, Replacing the Old UNITY lead by Phillipines, the UIN, or United Independent Nations, is a Mutual Development Alliance that has the Participation of 5 Countries: Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the People s Republic of China. I was also Assigned as the Commander of the Alliance, The one in charge of all Military Affairs against or with This countries. This Small alliance is a good way to Start the rising of this 5 Young nations.

    Fre Fighters, Austrian RW in Virol

-Today, September 24, We had an outstanding Battle Between Switzerland and Austria. With the help of RAF904, Hungary and Australia, We gave up a good fight and Stance against the Swiss, with a Damage of 244 Against 278, We barely won the battle, and i want to thank those who supported Austria on this battle and will support Austria in the future. This will not be the last stand against them, it will only be the first one.

    Announcement: Austrian Fundraiser

-I Want to announce to ALL Austrian Citizens or those interested in becoming an Austrian Citizen, that we are implementing a Voluntary Fundraiser System or V.F.S for the Days Between the PP Elections and the Congress Elections. This means that all citizens that want to participate in this system will receive a Q1 House payed out by the Government on Monday 26th.

How does this system work?

The government of Austria will be affiliated with a Foreign User which will offer 1.5g to Each User Per Work on their home Currency. With this, the state will receive a total of 3g Per Day Per Worker, Meaning a total of 21g Per Week Per User that will be donated to the country s Treasury to fill up our economy and Save enough gold for the next Month s Q5 Hospital, As well as having 300 Gold in our Country s Savings so that, in case of an emergency, we can act.

This way, Austria will always have enough money to act in all occasions, as well as having a Hospital for everyone in our country to get 250 Wellness each day, which means 7500 Wellness a Month per USER.

Once we reach the Goal of 420 Gold, We will stop the recollection. Of those 420 gold, 120 will go to the Next Month s Q5 Hospital, And 300 will stay in our country s treasury as Savings of our Country. With this, we can use the Congress Gold to push our economy even further, and do stuff like Print Money, Pay MPPs, And buy Whichever material the market lacks.

Please comment a I Will Participate if you will be part of this Voluntary movement.

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For Austria! 🇦🇹
Nice!! Good Luck!
I will participate, Sure.
i ll help Smile
no prob.
if you know how much jobs you need (workers you have) for 1.5g each just send me a pm... i think i can offer enough jobs... btw the next RW will be ours...Wink
I Will Participate (cool anthem btw)
Count me in!
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