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Date: 9/24/16
Author: Thomas Killah
Today’s Topic(s):
1. State of the Union
2. The American Diaspora


1. State of the Union #2

Department of State
With Abraham Lincoln’s election to SC of the MDP alliance, he has appointed two deputies to help pick up and slack left over due to his new time-consuming position. The two Department of State Deputies are Arith and Tancred, so congratulations to the both of them. We’ve continued to take a an active role in MDP discussions and coordination. Nothing much to add here, except that soon we will be opening up a separate Discord channel for the Department of State to help with revitalizing the Ambassador program, and providing quick information and links.

Department of Defense
In my last State of the Union Article I mentioned that we were going to be having a TW with Portugal. However, after a series of failed diplomatic negotiations between Portugal and Spain, we have come to aid our fellow MDP allies in Portugal against Spain. Thus far it’s been a ping-pong game between our coastal cores and Galicia, however, this has allowed for MDP victories elsewhere... such as the wiping of Serbia. The Department of Defense is also still holding a contest to see who can make it to SF Lieutenant-Colonel (Except Nothos and Pilot Phil for being the closest ones to it at the time of starting the contest). We will continue organizing national strikes as needed to help our allies and push damage in our Spanish War efforts.

Department of Treasury
We’ve managed to purchase a new Q5 Hospital to replace the previous Q4 Hospital that expired earlier this month. In addition to this, we have purchased a second Q5 Hospital to replace our new one for when it expires next month, and we purchased a Q5 Defense System, which played a great role in helping us defend Virginia from Spain’s attack. We have been continuously printing and periodically injecting it into the monetary market to keep our economy flowing as usual. We are also in the works of working with Congress to find a possible sustainable way to produce hospitals to remove the need to buy a new one every month.

Department of Citizen’s Affairs
The DoCA has made a lot of progress so far: They’ve added even more courses to the American University course list. If you’re interested in signing up please take a look at the DoCA’s last article, if you’re interested in joining the Board of Education please contact HunBurry, Nickermcfoxtails, or myself. They’ve also scheduled the first official game of Turnlords, a Discord strategy game designed by the DoCA. There is 1 available slot left so if you are interested please let HunBurry, Nicker, or myself know ASAP. On top of all this, the DoCA has been working with Tanishq in the Tech Department to build a new DoCA website.

Department of Technology
Not a lot of change here, the national website has been updated, as was stated in the last State of the Union article. As for new progress, Technology Secretary has begun working with the Department of Citizen’s Affairs as stated above to create a new DoCA website.

Department of Media
As for Media, we’ve had 2 WHPR’s so far, excluding one this week due to a lack of enough info and because it would just be really redundant alongside this State of the Union article. This is my second State of the Union article, thus I only have 1 more to go at the end of my term. I also have posted separate, special, announcements for sudden and important events such as the Spanish War and the expiration of our Q4 Hospital. On top of this, the newly reacquired eTwitter company continues to grow and be an active hub of dank memes, trollers, and the occasional informative post. I encourage people to come sign up to join eTwitter if you have not already, or at least read through everyone’s e-tweets.


2. The American Diaspora
I’m sure that many of you are starting to hear, or have heard, that several prominent and active players are starting to leave the game or move to other countries. For those leaving, I wish you good luck in the future and I and the rest of the country will miss you all and hope for your swift return. As for our immediate future, things will not be any easier next month. Next month we will need to come together, ignore partisanship, and be a truly unified and cohesive community to survive the cold and harsh winters and inactivity blizzards. I encourage all citizens to start looking into getting more involved in the US government and politics, because now - more than ever - we need the next generation to start standing up, getting their feet wet and experience, and begin taking over the reigns. It’s been a great month so far, let’s hope to end this off on the same note.

Well that’s all for now,
Thomas Killah



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To continue a great month o7
Why do the good die young?
To continue a great month o7
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