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Hello everyone!

I'm Jcheck. I started out in vPopulus. I found out about this game when my friends from vPop told me about it. I'm really glad they did! I understand this just recently started, but it's already moving very quickly! I'm excited to get started in eRevollution.
In vPopulus, I was an experienced player. I was in Congress, the Head of the Ambassadors, and the Secretary of State. I hope I can use my past experiences here to help everyone! I've been appointed to the position of Deputy for the Secretary of State, so I can help a little. I hope to work hard, climb the ladder, and become President one day!
I would like to share a little bit about me in RL. I am a big fan of music. I like any music that you can move to, anything with power, anything with emotion. I play the piano, alto saxophone, and guitar. I also am a dancer (hip-hop and tap). My sport is tennis. I play very often. School and learning is very important to me. My all time favorite subject is science, but this year social studies is really interesting to me. When I get older, I want to be a doctor, forensic scientist, or be in the government.
If anyone needs help with anything in the game, please let me know! I love helping new players find their place in this game. Message me with your question or concern and I will answer you as quickly as I can. Also, I am often in the IRC channel, so you can find me there too. Thank you everyone for reading! Please vote, subscribe, or share this article! Post in the comments and leave me feedback.
Lastly, I am holding a contest! In the comments, post an idea for an article you would like to see. The citizen that comments the best ideas will win 5 USD, and they will receive a shoutout in the article written using their idea.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!




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welcome! o7
Topic: ideas for another game like erep/vpop/erev, but more business-heavy and no wars.
Review of current eUS politics!
Welcome Jcheck do you want to join the FED MEDIA CREW Cheeky