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Hey everyone, Secretary HunBurry here again to announce the second DoI contest! As seen from the title, the second DoI Contest is a writing contest. The rules are as follows:

    Everyone can enter.There are no specific topics to qualify.Keep foul language to a minimum.You must write your own article.Article must be submitted by January 29th to meet the scoring deadline.Only one article per person.
Winners will be announced on the 31. Prizes are as follows:
    1st Place: 5 USD, 5 Guns, 20 Q1 Food2nd Place: 3USD, 3 Guns, 15 Q1 Food3rd Place: 2USD, 2 Guns, 10 Q1 Food
To submit your article for review, please go to the following link: /FedAwards

Best of luck to everyone!


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