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Today I'm gonna publish the TOP 5 Social builders in the game...

Number 5 till level 20 
For each player you get 5golds so ... 40x5 = 200golds just from inviting friends :P

Number 4 - With the same invited players is :

Number 3 is ... 43 players invited Miltiados is the 3rd player in this game .. with 215golds 

Number 2 is greek player has invited 46 players and he collected 230gold from them... 

And number 1 is... real beast ... Son0fTangra has invited 57 players and collected just 285golds ... 

Its intresting the fact that this 5 players aren't in the TOP 10 fighters list in eRevollution... which looks like this

If i've missed someone who has more social builder medals pm me ingame i will edit the article.

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Honoured. I want more publicity. Especially from hot chicks. I AM the very beggining of the article it seems Smile
voted xD sub me plsss
VISA VISA VISA VISA this is the new admin of the game VISAAA
Vote this up please, for new citizens: (we are open to suggestions), also SUB4SUB
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"Its intresting the fact that this 5 players aren't in the TOP 10 fighters list" cuz not everyone can spend 1000+ € in the game tho
U think they are real players? our some proxy... xD sub 4 sub
@dree, u dont wanna see my gold from referals per day
Time for a multi hunt... jk, congrats to you guys! Smile
Interestin? I`ll say, no. Why? Because RL money : -)
v 53 s248 please sub back s4s
v 59 sub 249 SUB 4 SUB :