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Well, I don't think there is a "right" way to succes, it can be achieved in many ways. Eitherway I will try to point out what Upgrades/buildings I think is important in the start of a civilians life.

Build a Food farm (10 gold)
You will, eventually, empty out on that Q5 Food you start With. And when that time comes, you need to be prepared. For those of you whom don't attack 100+ times a day, this might not be a problem. However for us Warriors, you will eventually run out of Food. And in smaller countries you might not even be able to buy Food, because no one has large enough Companies yet. So just bare in mind, Food is important.:),

Upgrade training ground (20 gold)
By upgrading you training ground you will double you strength gained everyday, from 5 to 10. That's actually a big difference in damage given in war. Therefore upgrading the training ground is a thing to do as fast as possible.
(Surprisingly every fit guy were black and every slim guy were white :(:)

How to gain gold
Gold is gained in many ways. You can buy it, but for most of us we earn it. Everytime you Level up you gain 1 gold. Each time you earn a medal you gain 5 gold. The easiest way to earn a medal is by fighting for Your country and achieving the true partiot medal. This is a medal for doing 50K damage for Your country, next is 150K and next is 300K and so on. Another easy way to earn 5 gold is by buying a newspaper and reaching 100 subscribers. Other Medals can be seen in Your profile and it will tell you how to earn them.

Regarding weapon factories I don't find them too important in the start, however, they are my next to do after the Things I've mentioned over. This was just my view on the case and I did it in the order it's written. As I said there are many ways to succes, and whatever path you choose, good Luck to you!


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Good article! Great job! Only for more bonusses you can move to MPP country with 5/5 food bonusses. That way you work 200food per one company and you are able to fight DO without moving and paying 0.4 gold each time.
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