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Published in Iran - Social interactions and entertainment - 24 Jan 2016 08:39 - 6

با سلام و عرض ادب فراوان.
دیدم اصلا خیلی ها نمیدونن ارگ چیه و کاراییش چیه.یه ذره در موردش مینویسم

ارگ یه اکانکت دولتیه که این کارارو میتونه کنه :
1-اسم داشته باشه
2-اواتار داشته باشه
3-گلد و پول واگذار کنه
4-گلد و پول بگیره
5-میتونه جابجا بشه
6-میشه بهش پیام داد
7-میتونه بخره و بفروشه(اعم از پول،غذا،اسلحه و خانه و ..)
8-انبارش بیست هزار ظرفیت داره
9-چیزی که ارگ های کشورها میتونن داشته باشن خرید گلد هست
10-میتونه روزنامه داشته باشه

ویژگی ها:
هر کشور میتونه 5تا ارگ داشته باشه

انواع ارگ ها:
Clificationof ORGs:  Economy ORG, ORG of War, AgricultureORG, Information ORG, Diplomacy ORG

رئیس جمهور و اعضای دولت میتونن توی ارگ باشن
رئیس جمهورا میتونن پسوردشو تغییر بدن

ممبرها میتونن ببینن ارگ رو
وزیر خارجه میتونه باهاش وت بده
وزیر جنگ میتونه باهاش اسلحه اینا بخره
وزیر اقتصاد میتونه کنترل کنه اقتصاد ارگ رو
وزیر اموزش میتونه جابجا کنه ارگ رو در دولت ها
وزیر خارجه هم در ضمن میتونه باهاش صلح ها و اتحاد هارو اوک کنه

کارهایی که ارگ نمیتونه انجام بده
1-نمیتونه کارخونه بزنه و داشته باشه
2-نمیتونه انرژی داشته باشه
3-نیمتونه ورک و ترین بزنه
4-نمیتونه بجنگه
5-نیمتونه رای بده
6-نیمتونه عضو حزبی باشه
7-نمیتونه عضو ارتشی باشه
8-نیمتونه رنکی داشته باشه
9-نمیتونه مدال بگیره
10-نیمتونه خارج بشه
11-ارگ رو نمیشه خرید
12-نیمتونه دوستی داشته باشه

National organizations (ORGs)
-         ORG has a name(Name of ORG can’t be changed)
-         ORG has avatar
-         ORG can donate gold and currency
-         ORG can receive donations in gold and currency
-         ORG can send and receive messages
-         ORG can move
-         ORG can buy and sell on every market in the word(gold, currency, raw, food, weapon, house)
-         ORG owns storage (20000 storage, additionalstorage can bebought for golds at a price determined by admins)
-         ORG can buy gold with real money via Paypal (Paypalacc of any ORG uses)
-         ORG can have newspapers
-         Every country can have 5 ORGs
-         Clificationof ORGs:  Economy ORG, ORG of War, AgricultureORG, Information ORG, Diplomacy ORG
-         OnlyPresident and members of Government have access to ORGs
-         President forwardsthe access codes to new President. New
President changes codes at thebeginning ofhis mandate and shares new
codes to his government members.
-         Every government member has access to all ORGs
-         DepartmentalMinister proposes ORGs moves and
afterintergovernmental voting (majorityneeded) ORG takes action. In case
of the same number of votes, President has
double vote.
-         Economy ORG is controlled by Governer and its task is to
regulate monetary politics andtrade for securing funds for needs of
-         ORG of War is controlled by Minister of Defence andits task is to arm the state, buy and sell weapons on word market.
-         Agriculture ORG is controlled by Prime Minister andits task is
to supply the state with food, buying and selling food odword market.
-         Information Org is controlled by Minister of Educationand its
task is to officially inform public about Government moves.
-         Diplomacy ORG is controlled by Minister of ForeingAffairs and
its task is to deal with diplomacybetween states, alliances…
-         ORG can't produce (can't have companies)
-         ORG doesn't have energy
-         ORG can't work, train or fight
-         ORG can't vote
-         ORG can't be member of political party
-         ORG can't be member of military unit
-         ORG can't earn medal
-         ORG doesn't have ranks
-         ORG can't have friends
-         ORG can't be shut down
-         No selling or buying ORG (citizens can't own ORG)
-         Establishmentof new ORG isn’t allowed
-         Insight of etsof ORG is available only for legitimate users of ORG

امیدوارم استفاده برده باشید و چیزی یاد گرفته باشید

مخلص همه
محمدجواد نینجا



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