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Analysis of errevollution countries poppulation

So i have been wondering that which country is the strongest and weakest in term of population. So i made a little research, and currently iam threatened by my girlfriend because iam doing this little research for more than 3 hours... So if i survive dont expect more serious constructive articles from me. But lets get down to business...

The statistical table what you see here shows that currently 33 country has more than 50 player. The bigest country in term of poppulation is Serbia and the weakest country is Belgium. There is ten country what has poppulation between 50 and 100 player. These countries are : Chile, China, Colombia,Egypt, Italy, Japan,Mexico,Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Four country has poppulation between 100 and 150 player, these countries are Taiwan, Lithuania, Iran and Albania. Five country has poppulation between 150 and 200, these countries are France, Russia, Spain, Romania and Bosnia and Herczegovina. The next subgroup has more than 200 players but less than 250. Yes we are talking about Hungary, Poland and Argentina. Brazil, Croatia, Georgia, Indonesia, USA and Macedonia has more than 250 but less than 399 players. Bulgaria and Greece has more than 400 but less than 599 players. So the time passed and we have to talk about the top 3 country. Well the 3rd moost poppulated country is Turkey with 600 player. The 2nd is Ukraine with 898 player. And the moost poppulated country is Serbia. Serbia has 933 player

If you want to check how is your country doing pls, click here.


So two picture what describes the situation goes to Turkey and Ukraine, and a youtube video for the first place goes to Serbia.

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Analysis of errevollution countries poppulation



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Analysis of errevollution countries poppulation
You don't mention Denmark at all!
@Ragnar,Denmark has 41 player and the citizen average lvl is 10, iam triing to edit the article and meantime include a link with a google document Smile
Добра музика !