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Hello everybody,
today i'm want to talk with you about two idea's i have to delete the PTO in around 90%-95% and not let it to be like in other browser games of this kind.

I talked about it with one of the admins and he ask if i can write an article to know what you, the players of the game and citizens think about that idea. Let's start.

The anti PTO idea have 2 possible changes that can be done, you can tell which idea you like the most :)

Every Country President, will be able to propose a law in the Congress that will disable some options to peoples who got the citizenship of that country to a period of time, like:
a. Create your own party.
b. Elected as Party President.
c. Run for congress.
d. Be proposed as Country President candidate.
e. Vote for Congress elections, Country President elections and Party President Elections.

The period of time can be Minimum for 2 weeks and Maximum for 6 months, also it can be disabled by voting in the Congress to be back in normal mode (Like it now).

When you give to a human citizenship of your country, it'll show an option that allow's you to disable the features i wrote in idea number "1" to a period of time choosen by you. The period of time can be the same as in idea number "1", 2 weeks to 6 months and also be back to normal by the Country President in the profile of that citizen.

So what do you think about the ideas? Which one you loved the most? Or maybe better to leave it as it now and don't do any changes?

For those who dont know what PTO is:
PTO is Political Take Over when people not from your country take the controll on it. Like propose their CP and congress members, use the money of the country and else.

You can write a comment bellow and show by that to the Admins what do you think :)



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very good!
Good idea my friend.. o/
@Knight of Brutality, Which of them?
I think that both ideas are bad. the PTOs could register as new users (multi accounts) and with multi accounts win Congress and the presidential elections have even launch coups. So my point of view is that only the real citizens of a country can apply for the presidential elections in the country, the party and the Congress. This may be determined by the location of where you connect (IP). Admins will be required to find that their IP are real.
and also with the added that the Congress could give a player the full citizenship to a country, this only to friendly foreign citizens who want to play for the country
There are 2 principal ideas: 1) PTO made by real users IS NOT a crime - it is a part of classical fun in online strategies 2) PTO made by multies or bots ALWAYS IS crime so while we give more power to CP - he obviously choose maximum period. It will prevent only from country2country migrations, because no one of real players are happy to become man of "second sort". Will it prevent of registering of huge masses of clones for delayed elections? I am not sure!
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o7 v s
Great idea! o7 v+s
i think best option is that president has got option to kick people out of the country.. so they will loose there cs and will join a "pirate"-faction... this faction will be able to only hit in regions that belongs to water... like netherlands :>
DKS +1...
@DKS Sound like good idea
PTO is actually one of the basic parts of this, and every other game of this kind. PTO is also one more way to fight against your opponents. Why such fear of PTO? ATO actions are also a hell of a fun. This is not RL, no one is gonna kill you, harm you, or smth. Its just one more way of having fun. So, I gave you mine respond. Leave it as it is, cause every action is positive, every action that makes you do something, spend time on fighting for something, trying to achieve some goal - whatever it is! Thats all - fun! So, once more, leave it as it is now Smile
yes PTO is good as long as its not done with multies. It takes some skills to mobilise a mass of people and vote 1 person in a party. And alos keeps the game active, parte members watch for pto`ers, the same with country presindecy.
Since when it's required to live (in RL) in the country you're currently playing? That aside, the only time when PTO manouvers should be, let's us say, "countered" by admins is when a group takes control of a small, SMALL nation (think something with less than 10 citizens, that can or not increase in future) and steal the National Treasury. Other than that, ATO manouvers should be enough to deal with any PTO manouver.
DrKingSchultz, so your CP kicked you out of country. And you become of non-citizen... So this player will obviously leave the game. Why he must play anymore? And your idea is a nuclear weapon for inner political struggle. You just kick your political opponent from the field. What a bad idea. We are trying to stimulate political module is not it?
lonsiege, I think maybe he was thinking more like option to kick people who got CS and not born in the country.
As lonsiege said, PTO is good and fun, multies are bad, not only for political activity, but for economical advantages that multies offer to owner. So, please do not put arbitrary rules in the game, it will be hard to play, but take care of punishing the cheaters.
@lonsiege First: it was obv a joke Second: i like to be a pirate in this game.. no restrictions.. a lot of rum... shipping at world seas.. fighting against establishment... sounds good 4 me Laugh Dont forget the gold i can steal and bury to make fantastic treasure maps
@gigi "PTO is good and fun" In erep almost all little population countries under PTO. It fun because you do the PTO but it NOT fun for the real citizen of the country, it's really annoying.