Bella Caledonia

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Hello fellow eUK'ers,

Today in Bella Caledonia I will be speaking more on my platform if elected Party President of The Nifty National Front.

This is the beginning of a new game, a Revollution in the making, and together we must seize this opportunity to create a solid foundation which the future of this great e-nation will be built on. If we remain in chaos, this nation will linger leaderless and not thrive. We need to thrive early if we want to get ahead of other e-nations.

First of all we need party structure. I am unaware that there are any positions made in-game which allow for an official party administration so we must make due with an informal administration. When elected Party President I will take in applications for a Vice President of the Party who will act as 2nd in command. It will also be an important role in overseeing projects to their completion and making sure others are doing their job. The other position I am seeking to create is a Spokesperson. This person will be in charge of writing Party articles but also in charge of recruitment and public relations with the eUK community as a whole. This structure will allow the Party to run efficiently and effectively.

Policies which I am seeking are:

A referendum on changing the Party's name. I am not wholly opposed to "The Nifty National Front" however being that this is the only political party that has been created and unless someone wants to spend real life money on making a new Party this is all we've got. At the beginning of my term as PP I will request name suggestions and later I will write an article displaying all the suggestions. Ridiculous or otherwise unsavory/inappropriate suggestions will be thrown out. This referendum will be open to ALL eUK'ers as we hope that everyone will get involved in the Party.

Democratizing Party Structure. In order to build a m party it requires m participation, which can equal someone giving hours or a few minutes of their time (whatever you can do). To democratize the Party is to empower all members. By this, in real terms, I mean each member will be involved in the key decision making processes unless they choose to abstain/silent.

Create a National Forum and/or Community Page. I admit we aren't at a point where is there high enough membership and participation to get everyone on board with a national forum, however, it would be great to jumpstart this not only for the Party but the e-nation as a whole. We cannot simply hope players keep logging onto eRevollution when each time they log on it's simply "work, train, fight, oh this is still a mess and nothing exciting is going on" - there needs to be competition and community. Investing in the social sphere is the surest way to keep players playing which was the initial success of eRepublik until, as I elaborated in my previous article, they killed the social-political aspects of the game.

I hope I can count on YOUR vote in a couple days! I promise to be the most engaging candidate with lots of initiative behind me. Vote for democracy, vote for Cat Boyd.

Sincerely your's,


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Sounds great, I think the name change is an important aspect. If I have to fight in wars, I want to know the person behind the decision has done so seriously. I mean, who starts a war with Norway? (unless there is a valid reason)