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Hello fellow Americans,

Most of the cases, I wouldn't bother much about pointing out specific issues in Congress and how things have been handled this month so far but I believe we are getting to a point where sometimes people attempt to make their point before understanding the big picture and what is really at stake. We can just resign to our own point of view and not listen to the others but in Democracy it is imperative that we all listen to each other in order to make a more informed decision. It is to debate and reach solutions why we were elected and it is with that thought in mind the reason why I worked so hard to help this country.

So our topics for tonight are:

1. Congressional laws and most recent appointments
2. Department of State - On the spearfront of foreign affairs, EAGLE Alliance.

US Congress - Latest laws and issues
eUS Congress

The Congressional Agenda has been relatively hectic, Congress has been debating the ratification of the eUS Constitution and a Congressional Code has been already ratified. A first budget has been already approved as well and can be viewed to public here:

There might be some changes to this budget depending on what is required, however it is important to refer that the first line has been already fulfilled and the 5000 USD allocated for market flow have been already injected into the economy. If more money will be injected that will depend on how the economy reacts to this first batch and future budget amendments enacted by Congress.

Issue with the weapons contracts

As some of you may understand, the government decided to establish gun contracts for whoever would sell us guns for the lowest price. These guns were to be used by Seal Team 6 as a supply for the coming wars in order to increase our firepower as a country. However, unfortunately the contractor Kaimayne will have some trouble fulfilling the contract due to a real life issue. Therefore, Congressman EddieA has decided to propose an emergency funding with a new contract with Venja.

This contract would allow the government to acquire the required weapons. Some Congressman voiced their opposition mostly due to the price and prefered to bring the issue to the public so that lower offers could be made. There were also some concerns about this bill not be for the eyes of the public which is not true. Every citizen registered on the National forum has access to the  the Public section of Congress where this bill is located.

For the eUS citizens who wish to see the debate, you may consult it here: Emergency contract Vote

If you are a eUS citizen and you wish to sign a contract with the government to sell weapons, I suggest you contact our Secretary of the Treasury EddieA. Remember that only the cheapest offer will be debated on the floor of Congress.

During this emergency contract debate, we can quote Congressman Erutan posting this: "As the money belong to the state such contracts should be publicly voted in my opinion. And quite frankly I've always found the idea for buying weapons ridiculous. AT THIS POINT! Most people don't have even the 2nd Training Center upgrade, many go inactive in couple days. It's absolute waste of state capital in my opinion to buy weapons."

So... Accordingly to Congressman Erutan, we should not arm our soldiers and not give them a chance to rank up. A vision I completely disagree because our country at this moment has full resource bonuses which makes us a target for possible invasions. While our neighbors have not yet decided to take that path, we are not safe from a Declaration of war. In this event, it is important that our military is at it's top and it is important that our soldiers achieve as much ranks as possible and drop as much damage as they can so that we can have a fighting chance at repelling an invasion. If our soldiers don't get supplies, it will eventually bite us in the future as our military won't be as developed as it is in other countries.

Congressman Erutan then pushed for the issue of food contracts and suggested... Himself for being such a contractor. Quoting: "As far as the food problem I'd be happy to help, as I've invested heavily in Food production from the start. However I'm not the only one, so It would be best to make some sort of auction. And the lowest bidder shall get the contract. At the moment I can provide max. ~1500 q1 food per day. (4 food companies and 3 for Food Raw Materials.) As for price I'm not really sure, bc Monetary Market fluctuates great at the moment. From what I've seen the q1 goes for ~0.10 at the moment."

So, let's not sign weapons contracts because it is ridiculous but pretty please sign a contract with me for food... Really Congressman? Can you please answer me and tell me: Do you have weapons companies? By the look of your comment I will guess you don't. So it seems to me that you are pushing to revoke a weapons contract when you yourself would like to see your food bought by the government. It seems to me that you are pushing for the cancelation of a contract that benefits the country and have a contract for your own profit. If you'd like to clear that issue to the public, I think the country would be mostly appreciated!

Immigration Enforcement Service

Congress has closed the borders at the beggining of the game since there were no Immigration laws and no head of Immigration either. Coming today, Congress has elected a new IES Director. Congratulations to TheMadCatter, our head of Immigration for his most recent appointment!

The Mad Catter has already begun preparing a draft for the Immigration law which shall regulate who can enter our country legally and who can't.

Department of State - On the spearfront of foreign affairs, EAGLE Alliance

As some of you may have heard, the United States of America has recently become a member of an alliance. This alliance is known by EAGLE, which stands for: eRevollution Agreement for Global Leadership and Economy.

This alliance consists on a very clear chain of command governed by the Alliance HQ. In the alliance HQ you may find positions such as Supreme Commander, Vice Supreme Commander, Finance Controller, Military Commander and Spokesman.

The alliance also has three layers of membership being them: Core members, Members and Satellite members.

Core members have certain priviledges such as veto the entrance of a member and have the highest voice in the alliance. Members can vote in alliance matters and Satellite members only receive the protection of the rest of the members. Since the game is still just beggining, most of the positions are mainly symbolic.

This alliance is still on the works of creating a logo for it's own which will most likely be voted by its members.

In regards of the Department of State, we have been slowly introducing the Ambador Program.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambador, feel free to sign up here: Ambador Application form

There are still a lot of countries that require ambadors. You can start your foreign affairs career here!

I hope you all have enjoyed your read and keep tight America! Things are just starting to get interesting!

You may all return to your regularly scheduled clicking and I will return to mine.

Kind regards


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