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Hi! In this article series I put the prices of All Chat (black market - no taxes). I'll provide an interval, or a concrete number, that is the AVERAGE PRICE. Anything lower should be considered a good price, and anything above is therefore a bad price.
I invite you to use the comment section as the trading area, post your offer, with this format please: 


This Edition's Notes:
New banners (thanks Flindix)
COMPLETE Rework of Country Bonuses - Now I include only the best bonus, for each combination of industries. Tell me if you prefer it, down below.

Food has became slightly more expensive, very solidly on the 1G = 1500E
Q5 Helis are more expensive (0,063 - 0,064 mostly), Q3s cheaper on 0,037, Q1s haven't stabilized yet, but are around 0,025-0,029.
Houses are VERY, VERY, VERY expensive:
the change to DSs and Hospitals (that made them not be vital) caused the price of HRM to inflate, ultimatly making houses more expensive to build.
Q3 Houses are SUPER cheap though, because of the "Lost Memories" event that rewarded the players with one Q3 House, flooding the market.

1G = 1500 energy

FRM - Food Raw Material = 0,00025 - 0,00035   

Q1 Helis = 0,023

Q2 Helis = 0,026
Q3 Helis / Q5 Tanks = 0,037
Q5 Helis = 0,063 - 0,064

WRM - Weapon Raw Material = 0,0004 - 0,0005

Q1 = 4,5 - 5,0
Q2 = 5,5 - 6,0
Q3 = 6,5 - 7,0
Q4 = 11,0 - 12,0
Q5 = 12,5 - 13,5

HRM - House Raw Material = 0,0008 - 0,0009

ONE Work Session per Day - 1 Gold

TWO Work Sessions per Day - 2 Gold

In this section I'll introduce the best country for each bonus combination.
example: I have industry on Food & Houses so I travel to Turkey, but if I stopped using houses, I would go to Mexico or South Korea.

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Iran vs Croacia - Han70

If you think any of the information is not correct, feel free to comment it down below, with due respect.
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Nice article, i really use it as information for buying and selling helis and house. thanks man o/
Awesome @jurebaao! That s my goal, being useful Laugh
love it !
Is the FRM price lower than the WRM ?
@jaime obviously no, but FRM is slightly more expensive then normal (which caused the change from 1600 to 1500e=1g), and WRM I saw in Iran with that price, in some pretty big stock
Sell Q1 Houses - 5 gold each - Current stock is 10 units
Food raw 1000-0.5g o7
Germany full bonus 100/100/100 Tax 3 cc cc 0.010
france is 100% Weapon and food too / tax 3cc/ cc 0.01g
oooh new pictures, nice v
I know caballero amd letunisen, im only including the best country for each combination (with the lowest tax), so Turkey beats both of your countries
Thx Bradoque Smile Giuseppe i know right! Thanks to Flindix ^^
Your articles are very usefull for my, when I don t know a price a check in here
Cool baubau thats exactly what i wanna hear ^^
You are great!
@kris124 thx bro Laugh
selling Q2 houses (2 in stock) 5.5g PM me
Another awsome article Continue with good work Vote o7
Sell Houses Q1- 4.41G | Q2- 5.41G | Q3- 6.36G PM
338s v77