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EDIT: no need 5 ogrs, one is ok !!!

Dear eCitizens,
to my question to admins “are we going to get ORGs on eRevollution” answer was negative. However,admins also replied that we shouldwrite an article about ORGs and explain them in detail. So, here it is!
Why we need ORGs? Further in the text I’ll explain mechanism  of ORGs and theirfunctions which, I hope, we will discuss and bring to perfection to show admins real need of aforementioned.
National organizations (ORGs)
-         ORG has a name(Name of ORG can’t be changed)
-         ORG has avatar
-         ORG can donate gold and currency
-         ORG can receive donations in gold and currency
-         ORG can send and receive messages
-         ORG can move
-         ORG can buy and sell on every market in the word(gold, currency, raw, food, weapon, house)
-         ORG owns storage (20000 storage, additionalstorage can bebought for golds at a price determined by admins)
-         ORG can buy gold with real money via Paypal (Paypalacc of any ORG uses)
-         ORG can have newspapers
-         Every country can have 5 ORGs
-         Classificationof ORGs:  Economy ORG, ORG of War, AgricultureORG, Information ORG, Diplomacy ORG
-         OnlyPresident and members of Government have access to ORGs
-         President forwardsthe access codes to new President. New President changes codes at thebeginning ofhis mandate and shares new codes to his government members.
-         Every government member has access to all ORGs
-         DepartmentalMinister proposes ORGs moves and afterintergovernmental voting (majorityneeded) ORG takes action. In case of the same number of votes, President has
double vote.
-         Economy ORG is controlled by Governer and its task is to regulate monetary politics andtrade for securing funds for needs of state.
-         ORG of War is controlled by Minister of Defence andits task is to arm the state, buy and sell weapons on word market.
-         Agriculture ORG is controlled by Prime Minister andits task is to supply the state with food, buying and selling food odword market.
-         Information Org is controlled by Minister of Educationand its task is to officially inform public about Government moves.
-         Diplomacy ORG is controlled by Minister of ForeingAffairs and its task is to deal with diplomacybetween states, alliances…
-         ORG can't produce (can't have companies)
-         ORG doesn't have energy
-         ORG can't work, train or fight
-         ORG can't vote
-         ORG can't be member of political party
-         ORG can't be member of military unit
-         ORG can't earn medal
-         ORG doesn't have ranks
-         ORG can't have friends
-         ORG can't be shut down
-         No selling or buying ORG (citizens can't own ORG)
-         Establishmentof new ORG isn’t allowed
-         Insight of assetsof ORG is available only for legitimate users of ORG
Roughly, this would beit. I would like you to start public debate. Add something good, discardwhat is bad.  I ask for a constructive discussion.  Let’s offer admins something they can’trefuse! 
Thank you for your cooperation.

Serbian MoD assistent, Krsta-VB.


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We need Orgs NOW !
prvi o/ *ebes premijera koji jedino zna za subovanje
@Black Knight ,, to my question to admins “are we going to get ORGs on eRevollution” answer was negative. However,admins also replied that we shouldwrite an article about ORGs and explain them in detail. So, here it is! " Sto onda trazite da Vam objasnimo zasto zelimo orgove ? I ja sada treba da dam drzavne pare nekome i sta taj ako uzme za sebe te pare? Banovaces ga i vratiti pare, a sta ako uzme u trenutku kada je recimo neka vazna bitka i hocemo da kupimo nesto sa drzavnim parama, a njega nema ili nestane sa parama? A sta ako hocemo drzavne firme da pravimo? To uvek onda mora da bude kod aktivnog igraca, a sta ako ne moze da dodje? Onda ako pravilo igrice dopusta 2 profila preko jedne IP adrese dozvolite da napravimo DRZAVNI nalog makar da CP i ministri imaju pravo ulaska na njega, a vi nadlgedajte taj profil.
I don't think that ORGs will solve the current problems in economy. More like make them worse..
Why would 1 org for ech country make it worse ? Do you need to w8 every time 24h for donation or its better if your country need money you can use org and take it in few sec?
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A realno, sta ce vam 5 ORG-ova? Znajuci Vas/Nas sve, pre ili kasnije cim ima vise od jednog, dacete nekome da koristi "zarad viseg cilja" neki a onda ce vremnom otici i drugi dok na kraju ne ostane onaj jedan koji je stvarno i potreban. Sve to sto je navedeno kao ne moze da se odradi sa jednog ORG-a? Poenta je samo u pristupu, ko ima pristup i tacka... Dobro da netrazite i ORG za Ministarstvo unutrasnjih poslova, ono, da se stancaju famozne "crne" liste... Smile
Perhaps not every org listed here is needed, although it would help keep department messages separate from personal ones as well as ensure continuity of the government's communications/procedures from one month to the next (assuming PMs are archived and not deleted). Additionally, with an org, multiple government members would have quicker access to money for emergencies (instead of having to wait 24h for country treasury donations or having to deal with a single, potentially inactive citizen to whom the country's money was entrusted to avoid the 24h wait).
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nice article. Tutorial for New Citizens: Share it with your friends! SUB+VOTE I'll Sub back, just PM me.
Čisto da znaš za ubuduće, kad kopiraš nečiji tekst, onda barem ostavi njegov potpis! Just for you to know, in future, when you copy someones text, leave his signature!
Your article doesn't tell what's the point of ORG ? None. An org is a way to simplify states counts. There is no point to do this. Especially if, as you suggested, you can't have personal org
It's your problem if you don't have idea how to use ORGs Smile
@Noel ne mora 5 makar jedan, clanak je potekao od Hrvata i preveden je na engleski i podeljen sa namerom da svi objave u svojim drzavama i udjemo u TOP 5. @eDarthVader izvini, evo sada cu da stavim Smile
Poštujem to Smile
This wouldn't be so much of orgs. as Govs.
Org's must be put at eRevollution. Why? Because the govs needs to move their own money from CT, without them you are allowing to people to use money/get benefit without a public knowledgment, and you are punishing if you steal. Is more easy to track money from orgs than a public users in my opinion
Its the same if you send to org or to some player... and more ppl can use org like this i need to w8 my CP or lets say MoD ( where is money) to come and use money for lets say wep and food on market and what if he is not there and our country need that money in that time ? With 1 org we can use money ez...
I do not see a reason why ORG would be allowed to move. I would suggest that the only way how org can move is if the location of the capital is changed, therefore it would mean that the org is always in the region of the capital. Also I disagree with the fact that orgs should not have companies. And the amount of orgs is ridiculous as I know from my personal experience from different games, that even 3 orgs are too much. In the best case I would go with 2 where one is national org related to all the inside questions and then other one is defense/war org which does everything around outside politics.
Guys here is you chance to make me made ORG, but as I see no one care to much Smile We always read your articles o7
Of course the ORGs aren't gonna solve the lack of CC. What it comes to my mind is what'd happen if a CP decides to withdraw gold and he creates companies, etc. He wouldn't be able to traspass all of that to the next CP right? So if we have a lot of consecutives presidents the country will ran out of gold shortly. I'd like to ask the admins, Is there or will be any solution to this?
Admin we care, but we dont show that Smile
I dont get it, why should government own 5 specific types of orgs. This leads that a small group of people have only acess to orgs what can be used for specific activites. And ofc its questionable how that small group of people got the political power, and they are using it for personal benefits or for the real community. Remember we all did see this in the "donor" of this game. And the situation there is, that the real power is based on military units (the sum of the characters strenghts and ranks, the sum number of companies or irl money and organisation skills) or players who has the irl money and connections or enough "friends". Yes this "friends" term means secondery or multy characters or non regular playing characters. So basicaly why this proposal is determinating that players parties and military units shouldnt have orgs? If this stays like in the proposals it just leads to creation of multiple accounts to seize the political power and those groups who would do this is just a little segment of players and do not has the support of the bigger part of the population of a country... Anyways i dont get it why should be diplomacy orgs, so as agriculture orgs and why a country would need an economy org. The last three type is clearly the players activity, and diplomacy orgs just dont meet the criteria of 2016, we would make the negolations on skype, facebook or chat... So just think about the concept, because this just leads to remake the problems what we already vomit from and we clearly faced at the past.....
Ok i see a lot of comments about how some ppl in goverment ( lets say like that) will use orgs for them self. I will say only this, then its your problem because you have BAD goverment in your country !!! Again i will say, this is example, it can be only 1 org , he dont even need storage just we need to use it for money donations !!! Its much more better then to all money send to 1 man ( MoE) and then he need to be 24/7 online, at some moments you will need money and what will you do if that man is not online? Make 1 simply org for each country and that's it.
Admin also can send msg to all CP's to VOTE do we need ORG or not. If 50% go YES then he will add, if no... I have a lot of ideas who my CP and our goverment can use that ORG with that ideas i will make my country strong and i know that i am not only 1 with ideas !!!
why not making a MU to a "org"? call it MU HQ or something... with the same abilitys like mentioned above ecept the gold buying part... i have no idea why a org should be able to use real money... everyone could use its RL money and donate it to the MU HQ (or org)... if a country have to pay everything (MPPs, food supply, weapon supply, printing CC for starting RWs and market exchange) there will be soon the time when everyone is crying our country is broke we cant even pay MPPs... if you want to play this way you still can do... just donate the state money to the MU HQ and do your buisness... but also it will be possible to build up exil goverments (if your country is wiped... tbh that whould be interresting for me... just look at the map/statistics before you ask why...^^) for example... or giving the supply part in privat hands... also it whould be possible to build up international acting MUs... payed from alliance members wich can organize their military power on the battlefield... or MUs wich just are mecenarys (i whould call them the whores of the battlefield but that i dont like that part doesnt mean that no one should be able to play this way) payed from countrys/people wich like to use their RL money for winning a battle... the soldiers could be supplyed by MU companys and work in them... advertised by the MU newspaper... different MUs offer different supplys/damage prices...
RAF904 - MU can do nothing but set Daily order and mass mail its members. MU has no storage, can not receive or donate money... MU can do NOTHING but set DO.---- We need Public ORG as we can NOT be online 24/7 (and do NOT want to be online) to do all things that other citizens with access to an ORG could do. ---- I certainly am NOT giving access to my citizens account to anyone. We NEED ORG's for a seamless and uninterrupted operation of the government...
definitely o7
@Hrvat at the moment you cant do nothing with an org because its not implemented... you cant open companys, you cant use a storage, you cant donate or receive items and money... so at the moment a MU is more a org than a org... with a MU HQ (or however called) instead of an org you can do the same things as mentioned above... but other people can play the game as they wish too... without having to overtake small countrys just to get their own orgs... and this will happen guaranteed... you need someone who is able to use the state money? k... donate it to the MU and play the MU like a state MU... pass the comander to the next CP... make your goverment members to captains (well maybe a second and third captian whould be nice to add) of your MU...
Vote YES!
(Vote yes, more or less)
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Hmmmm MU as an ORG well i cant say that's same sh*t but who know myb it is :S
2 Orgs !! One Political with CP or Governor One Military with MoD or Commander of main MU
We've spoken about it and it was always NO. Because org's help with stealing the money and that is the main reason why we don't want to give players that possibility. currently only way to take money out of treasury is by LAW. while its difficult to constantly monitor all of the ORGS and where money go and why and who is to blame.. and we would have complaints all the time.. ORGs in eRep are bad example also.. everyday somebody is stealing money through orgs and not even admins know where it goes lol.
why copy another game, let try some other possibilities sub4sub thx
Black Knight then we need something else. Problem in Serbia is that we want to change. lets say, 200 gold for 40k cc we need to wait 1 day for law and 1 moda day for donation law. Like this we spend 2 days to get our money :/ We need some rule for that and also every MoE of country can give his profil to other ppl from goverment so they can use money ( witch are from country) if he is not online.
Black night your explanation is not right. eR doesn't care about Who steals moneys at eR since the Legit owners are CP. 1) That can be changed here. 2) ORGS never help with stealing money. Why? Take look other games, they make Public donations (where you can see where the moneys goes). Is more easy to track a guy and where the moneys goes with the org (that seeing a single player sending that money over 100accs or more or with his products donations. 3) Orgs can put national newspapers for their citizen. 4) Without org's, people could use Gov's CC and Gold (to make profit at different Monetary's marketplace in different countries. Howewer, no one will know it or could track where all the moneys went. Still think that removing Orgs is more easy for the game? ... Because if you tell me yes.....
KrstaVB but that problems are in other countrys too... so as long as everyone got the same problems its a fair game in my eyes... i mean if you cant trust the people wich are elected you cant give them the money on their accounts... but in that case you just have to make a plan when you need how much money... and if you need money fast wich you dont have your plan was just wrong and you have to wait... or you could ask your allies for the urgent needed money and pay it back after your laws have passed... for me the country/MU companys are the best argument for a org (but i whould still prefer a MU org not a public org because of the fact that if you have public org rich guys will overtake small countrys to get them and all money in them... on the other hand if a country wants to play it the country org way it just have to set up a country MU and donate the country money to that org... but if it gets stolen from there it was the free will of the country to do so and not told by a admin or a game mechanic...) also the alliance gameplay whould change if you can build "alliance MU" financed by all aliance members with "aliance companys" inside and so on... the aliance with the better financed aliance MU org and more active aliance MU leader whould have a advantage (i know its not big but its there)...
@RAF904 what if ally dont have money too ? and MU org is good also we need just something witch we can use for money is that MU org or only MU with storage and money inside or 5 orgs i dont care, just give us something. And Black Night said they willl need time to chek org is somebody is stealing, man you will also need to chek players who take money from country its the same Laugh And 1 more think he said ADMIN CALL NO FOR ORGS but why admin then writte commen like this thats mean you didnt VOTE all NO and there is chanse that you will give us org Smile
that have to be agreed within a alliance... i mean serbias economy is because of that much players strong for example... so they could pay with products from their market (food, weapons) instead of gold... but thats something you whould have to talk in your alliance about... make a alliance where members have to pay more and have a good financed MU or have a "cheaper" alliance MU with possibly more members inside... every alliance member could pay at the start of a month 20g (doesnt matter how much) into the MU org to finance their defense... all other money can stay at the country treasory for MPPs and war and that "country" stuff... so it whould be safe from getting stolen/missused... a MU just with a storage and without the other abilitys whould have not the same importance in the game play like a full MU org... so it whould be in my eyes just a cheap compromise that helps and changes nothing... and against the stealing you will never have a 100% chance to find them all... in every game are cheats... in those games like this are multi accounts, in World of Tanks they use camouflage hacks and shoot bots... as long as there are games to play there will be cheaters too... you just can try to make it less efficient for them (and of curse bann them if detected) to decrease their numbers...
There is no reason to have a limit on ORGs. Allow governments to make all the Orgs they want, allow citizens to make all the Orgs they want, just force them to pay 5 Gold for each Org. Other than that, everything else makes sense.
I agree with Alexander Hamilton Wink
Orgs only lead to corruption.....
Only one org is fine...
The benefits of an ORG to the government are plenty exposed in the article and in the comments above. ORGs are necessary to protect the money and make all transactions faster during an emergency. Wait 24 hours to receive a money or put the Treasure in the hands of a specific player are so good as to play with 2-7 OFF and believe that you can beat an AA in the board.
so do i Alexander Hamilton's opinion sub for sub !!!!
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I find it sad that half the replies are from people saying they voted. Zero input whatsoever, just clickbait.