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The eRevollution essence

I ve been seeing a lot of newbies totally lost and not knowing what to do besides working and 

training. I can t think about a better moment to answer that. Please vote in order to more people 

being able to read this!

I ve been planing for some time to write an article initially with the title of Why is the 

eRevollution so boring? with various good and strong points to show that the eRevollution is not 

boring, it is just too complex to the first sight. But i will try to do something diferent.

eRevollution is kinda boring... it s only working and training.

Unfortunatelly, this is the opinion which a lot of people have about the game. They think that 

eRevollution is just like any other MMORPG, like The Crims, Popmundo, Hattrick or something like 

that, but it is not... eRevollution is another kind of MMO: the MMOSSG (Massive Multiplayer Online 

Social Strategy Game).

And because this is a kind of game that a huge part of the people is not used to play (we like fast 

clicks, ya know?), we have this fake impression that the game is boring... It s all the same 


But this game is not like this. As a game of interaction, to participate is essential!

To participate is essencial in... almost everything. Everything in the game that looks more tecnical 

and you think that you can do it al by yourself it s far easier and sometimes cheaper if you have 

friends and participate of the chats.

How is this social strategy thing?

It s simple. Instead of challenge other players, the challenge is between countries. It s no use a 

strong and well informed player if he doesn t have support from the others. Social strategy can be 

translated to sentences like: United we stand, divided we fall

The chalenge being between countries, they can unite or rivalryze between them. In order to this 

interaction happen, countries have resources. The resources, in a strategyc point of view, are the 

fundamental point of eRevollution: Wars are declared for territories with resources. Those resources 

are just like any of the other games: Petroleum, wood, cereal, diamond and iron. The sixth and most 

important one, unfortunatelly is always forgotten: The population.

A simple formula to a strong country can be sintesized like this:

Population + strategy = victory
Population - strategy = fail

Please, explain better...

The New World is a new history, written by every citizen interested in write it. The eRevollution 

allows a new social dynamic, a new way to make politics, to analize what is relevantto the country 

instead of just the citizen.

Alliances, wars, pacts, unions, peace treaties between countries: Everything is possible thanks to the 

interactions between citizens/oficials from one country to another.

In the politics, this social interaction is even more visible: Change of favors, supports, coalitions, 


One simple sentence, one simple attitude can change the whole history.

The chapters of this history were written by players and their day-by-day actions, and YOU are one of 

those players. Even when you are just working and training: you give volume and strenght to your 


The possibility of be the main character is depending of you being informed: the prepared ones will 

always be listened. The well based opinions will always be considered, even if they are so few in a 

sea of information.

So, if you want to REALLY play and get all of you can of the eRevollution, just participate!

How can I participate?

The easiest way to participate in this game is in the media. Read articles (it s no use to play a 

social interaction game without knowing what happens in your country), make comments in those 

articles, give your opinions, find people with the same ideas...


The same thing that makes eRevollution looks hard in a first moment is the same that makes it 

interesting as soon as you understand how it works.

There are a lot of ways in your reach to develop and participate activelly in the game. It s up to you 

to choose which will be your focus:

- Writing articles of relevant issues being a well-known journalist
- Being a politician and helping to decide the way your nation will be and running for elections;
- Being a mega-entrepreneur, growing each day more your wealth;
- Being in an army, fighting for your country and aiming at the so dreamt patent of Marechal;
- Acting in diplomatic area, having relationships with other countries;
- Or everything at the same time!

Creditis the translation : Leo Cabrerisso


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