Tournament Time!

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Hello guys,

From long time ago i think to make Brand new Tournament!
So i can t decide what exactly to be the Tournament.
I got some ideas:
1.League of Legends.
4.Plug Dj.

That are all ideas i got.

You can leave a comment of game for the Tournament or vote.
The game which have the high amount of votes will be choosed for Tournament.

Thanks for reading.



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намери неква платформа дето да се прикача с програма и да ви покажа как се прави парти Wink
lol or cs
well sounds like fun idea, but the whole thing that if your reach 100subs or 200subs made it sound fishy... you get 5g for 100subs and u give away 220g? u get another 5g and reach 200subs and you give away 370g?its really unlikely , your level player could afford it, but it wont ever happen
LoL, you will get rekt noobs
i want hear ur ideas or votes Smile
you have no stars , means you dont buy gold, if you would like to pay such prizes as you mentioned-you could,but atleast you wouldn t ask for subs
2 or 3
I prefer lol but I m away from my pc becouse vacation and can t play until septembar... Sad
1.League of Legends
5. CHESS I would suggest potential Yahtzee game (known around the world with couple different names like Dice Duel, Captain and etc)