Imperial House needs RAW

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Hello, dear Japanese.

I want tell you about problem of the Imperial house we had right now.

We do not have almost RAW to cread products and sell it for other countries to earn gold and give you a little supply time to time.

I decided to start new project and rise the Weapon Raw industry.

So i want to ask who want to get little support and creat one of this RAW production or maybe already do some of them:

Weapons RAW = Imperial House needs in a day 18,000 and can produce by itself 2,100 (but i prefer to buy this 2,100 units of Raw instead of produce it), so still need 15,900 RAW in a day.
Food Raw = Imperial House needs in a day 2,000 (Maybe will be more in future), and can produce by itself 0 RAW food.

If you want to be part of this project fill the form below in the link:
https:// /pjdmgn

Thank you.

Emperor of Japan.


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Voted, ths
I will donate RAW daily as much as I can, I do not need money nor gold for new factories.
Thank you, Sukiyaki. I prefer to buy you'rs RAW because you work for it and need to pay for a work Smile
Done o7