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From the Desk of Hrvat, Self-Appointed President of Austria.

This is my first message as President of Austria.   (funny thing -to me- is that I held just about every Governmental position in Austria, expect Presidential Seat - that was  in another world, and that is a very long and totally irrelevant story.)

These last few days have not been an easy time for any of us living in Austria. No RL Austrians have come forward to ist in the government, even though I have personally sent PM's to every citizen who registered here - and few in another world. Response has been a big fat 0 - Zero - none. Not one single reply.

So we have a government of 4. which includes 2 members of Congress and 1 self appointed President. Each Congress member can put forward 2 proposals for legislation, part time President can put forward 5.

Problem that has faced members of this government was enormous... there were a number of urgent things needed to been done.

God's of this universe have adopted a system where small countries were badly handicapped...

*Large countries were able to set up their countries in first few days

*Smaller countries with their lack of Law proposals and generally lack of citizen-power had no time to develop.

*Countries were able to declare wars in the first week of this world... there was no time for small countries to complete even basic development

*No Public Organizations exist nor can be created, which means that all government transactions are carried out via the personal accounts of elected citizens.

Large countries with properly staffed Congress have been able to streamline their Laws and propose them in very short time... eg. 10 members of Congress in a large country can propose 10 Laws in a day... In Austria, the 2 Congress members we have need 5 days to do the same work... EXCEPT our 2 Congress members did not have 10 votes to propose just 2 votes each.

Is it War with Hungary...

Another difficulty we faced was that.... Instead of doing the important things... such as setting Income for the Country, regulating wages.. we, the members of the government of Austria were forced to spend our very few available votes on MPP's with potential allies... as Hungary has declared War on Austria in the first days of this world.

....or War with Croatia

Time was wasted in looking for potential allies... Gold from treasury and precious Law proposals were spent on MPP's , and then Croatia attacked Austria before Hungary could and Austria was faced with an interesting situation.:

Our two allies - Brazil and Turkey who were very willing and eager to fight against Hungary have found that Austria's attacker was actually Croatia. As Brazil and Turkey were fighting on a same side as Croatia in Kosovo against Serbia and its allies, I found that support from our allies was negligible - as neither Turkey nor Brazil were willing to make a substantial effort in a war against strong Croatia.

Today we are in position of losing all of our territories to a much more powerful Croatia.

Situation today

We have no Law proposals available to kick-start economy. We have no lation to speak off... maybe 10 very quiet and only partially active citizens. Once we lose the regions we shall not be able to have a Congress.

I, President of Austria hold entire Treasury, which consist of 87 Gold which was donated to me by an unanimous votes of our Government. It will be donated back to Treasury by me... on the last day of my term as President.

Our last available Law proposal is being used today.

At the insistence of our two members of Congress there is a proposal in Congress at this very moment to donate 5000ATS to me. This ATS is to be placed on MM at a reasonable rate, which should enable citizens to try and improve their production and effectiveness as an active citizens of Austria.

This currency is NOT meant to be used as means of a quick profit on MM or black market.



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Good article, when we were contacting our potencial allies we dont knew that croatia will attacking us, also it was uncertain if croatia will do a mpp with serbian side or on the other side. After they attacked us croatia contacted the other side after they were rejected from serbia for a potencial mpp. Therefore our mpp´s were a little negligible. Second i would not donate the treasury of 87 gold not back to the treasure but rather i would donate it to the next president, so we can save a proposal law and time Smile