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Greetings, fellow Federalists and citizens of the rUSA:

Today, I would like to present to you the Federalist Congressional lineup for the upcoming term:


Hunburry is an rUSA veteran who has served excellently helping new citizens in the Department of Citizen Affairs (and former Department of the Interior). In addition, he brings several terms of Congressional experience to the table. His experience in the DoCA/DoI in addition to his previous work as a Congressman will provide him with the tools he needs in order to represent our nation appropriately.

Tricky Dick

Tricky Dick is an experienced candidate who strives to tackle the issues head-on. An active citizen, he has served in Congress three times previously and has served in the Presidential cabinet (most recently, as Community Liaison).


With one Congressional term under his belt, king_nothing is running for office again under the Federalist banner! We believe he will continue to do his best to serve the USA in this capacity.


Anthony is a newer player who has been doing his best to rise in the military and political scene. The Federalist party has decided to support his candidacy once again to further his career in American Politics.

Alexander Valkor

Alexander Valkor is an old veteran; he was responsible for the rise of many stars in previous games. His experience in all areas is invaluable and he will be a great et in Congress. It is a great honor to see him around--alive and kicking--willing to do his best for the good of our country!


BioHaze is one of rUSA's first citizens. He came to eRev with political and economic experience from other, similar games, quickly rising to the forefront of rUSA politics and earning two Presidential terms. This coming month will mark his second term in Congress.


As several-time cabinet member and Speaker of the House, Tanishq strives to remain reliable, reasonable, and moderate in her judgment. This approach has served her well in political positions and compromises made for the good of the eUS people in similar games. In addition, her experience and attention to new players in Congress will be especially relevant for the coming Congressional term.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln brings a wide range of experience to the table, having served several times as President, in previous government cabinets, and in Congress. He currently serves as Secretary of State, taking charge of our country’s foreign policy. As a former President, he knows what it takes to make sure our country remains functional.


StVaRcA is representative of the common folk. Mainly two-clicking so far, he has nonetheless worked his way through the ranks of ST6 and has shown a recent interest in serving in Congress. We believe that whatever refreshing ideas he may have to bring to the table will be an et to our nation.


Relatively new to the Congressional scene, Kaige has nonetheless been around for quite a while. We believe this will give Kaige an edge as a second-time Congresscritter.

Vote Federalist!


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Vote fed for Congress! Laugh
Voted. Thanks for the shoutout Tanishq o/