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Published in Poland - First steps in eRevollution - 13 Jan 2016 05:58 - 5

Welcome to my new NEWSPAPER!!
So it is start of this game. I hope this game will survive the test of time.
As i think every1 know that, any game cant survive without players.
Every player must take care of this game, we need to do everything to keep players in this game, and bring new :)

Sory for my english :)

Subscribe my newspaper, send me subscription number and i will subcribe your newspaper :)

I would like to post in this newspaper questions and answers.

1. first question will be: What are the costs of production helicopter/tank

answers will be post in next release of newpaper

TUTORIAL for new players

1. Task: Train for the first time.
Reward: +5 strength, +1 EXP, +100 Food Q5

2. Task: Send friend invite to 10 players.
Reward: (dont remember exactly) +10 Q5 weapon, +1 EXP

3. Task: Build Food Factory
Reward: +1 EXP, +100 Food Q5

4. Task: Change your profile avatar.
Reward: +1 EXP, +50 Food Q5 (something like that)
For Polish players:
Przypominam że od 16lvla można kandydować do kongresu. Przy okazji proszę o głosy w najbliższych wyborach, tj. za 2dni.
Na tą chwilę mamy 5 kandydatów z ramienia partii Wróble Skrzydło - jak można wywnioskować z id partii, prawdopodobnie jest to pierwsza założona partia w grze :) Brawa dla Phor Killick.


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