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Published in Serbia - First steps in eRevollution - 13 Jan 2016 05:52 - 37

Before we start with the tutorial, we have one announcement - Country President elections will be held tomorrow, and in case some country doesn't have a party, send a mail to and we will deduct gold from country's treasury and send it to you, so you can create a party and participate in elections. 

First, lets change your avatar. Click on the little arrow next to your name. It will open a menu where you can open your profile, edit settings, review messages and log out.

Click on the Settings option.

Here you can change your name (option that costs 50 Gold), change your email, write a short info about you, change language (option that will come in the future to support more languages), and change your avatar. Click on the Choose File and select a picture from your disk (it has to be .jpeg or .jpg) and click on the button Upload on the right.

You should already have a new avatar by now (if you don't see it click F5 on your keyboard).

Next, I want to show you how to travel around the world. Lets say you registered in a country that doesn't have a lot of players, and you want to move to a more populated country for now. Here is what you do then. Click on the name of the country in which you are now (under your newly set avatar).

In the menu on the right, select a country to travel to.

A page will open showing you more info about that country. Now find a region inside that country and click on the details button next to that region name

There you can find more info on that region ( number of people in that region, special resources, and neighbour regions ). Click on the Move button to move to that region. Notice how it will deduct 40 currency from your account. 

And there you go, you have traveled to another country.

Now, if you ever want to go back, you will need local currency used in that country, in this case RSD.

Now that you have learned how to travel, let me show you how to donate items to other players ( for this option you need to be lvl 19 or higher ). Go to the search bar and find the player you want to donate items to, and press enter

Then left click on that player's name.

Select what item you want to  donate, enter the amount and click on the Donate button.

If you want your friends to join you, why not make a profit out of it too ? If they register over your personal link, you get bonus gold on each of their achievements, level up and store purchase. Click on the Store in the main menu

And go to the Gold Bonus tab. Here you will find your personal link to send all your friends to. The more friends you invite, the richer you get. Sounds great doesn't it ?

One more thing to show you for today's tutorial, and that is expanding your storage. Let's say you are a business man with lots of companies. You will need a bigger storage to put all your products in. Let us expand it. On My Places menu, find Storage.

You can see how full it is, and if you need a bigger storage. Click on the  + next to Storage capacity.

Now select Storage.

And choose from these 2 storages ( one is bought with currency and expands your storage by 1000 space, and other one is bought with gold and expands your storage by 9000 space).

That is it for today's tutorial, good luck on the Presidential elections, and don't forget to apply today, cause you won't be able to apply tomorrow.


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