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Published in Norway - Political debates and analysis - 22 Jan 2016 10:49 - 2

As you might have seen, we are getting taken over by Great Brittain. Since it's very early in this world nation fight for themselves, and tries to conquer as much as land as possible to get the best headstart. Eventhough we got strong allies, they have more than enough with themselves as for now. A likely scenario now is that Norway will get taken over by GB. To break free we need to start a ressistant war, however we need more armypower. Therefore we need to wait for our allies to settle, so we can fight together and break free. Since Norway has few citizens we are voulnerable, however we are still not doomed to lose. We just need time, so as for now it's important to train, level up and work. As time p we will eventually remain control of our land.


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We should keep one region and sign a peace pact with GB. s63 sub me back please
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