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Hi everyone! My name is HunBurry, and I am the current Secretary of the Department of Citizen Affairs and the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Technology for the USA. As some of you may know, I have recently gotten my Certified Ethical Hacker credentials. Through my studying, I have become very fluent in many coding languages, and I have been experimenting with these skills in Discord. That is why I am here today to offer my services. I am doing Discord channel upgrades, configurations, and creations. My services include-

Games: I can add numerous games to the server, including trivia, hangman, Pictionary, tic-tac-toe, and more.

Auto-Translation: I can add an auto-translator to your server which auto-translates anything said by a certain member into the language of your choice.

Auto-Role: I can set it up so that new members to a channel can be given a role upon joining or choose to be placed into a certain role.

Greeting: I can set a custom greeting message to say whatever you would like it to.

Goodbye: I can set a custom goodbye message to say whatever you would like it to.

Music: I can set up a music bot (standalone or user-ran) to provide music for the channel.

Roles: I can do full role setups with permissions and colors, plus custom coloring.

Server: I can create channels, determine channel permissions and user access, manage text and voice channels, and more.

Ranking: I can set up multiple ranking systems to determine user activeness, good items and bad items, and do point lotteries.

Random: I can set up a lot of random tools and toys, like a repetition saying, encode and decode, 8ball, and more.

There is much, much more I can also do. If you require additional services or want to learn more, you can message me or post it in the comment section. I can set up anything in your server, do management and troubleshooting, and more for one-time fees or monthly fees. I am also working on an eRevollution bot that can bring in battle stats, user stats, and more. 

Thanks for reading! All official inquires can be handled by messaging me or emailing me at hunburry@gmail.com


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That s a man
Surprised Ethical hacker? How s that?
who wants to be ethical when being unethical pays more?
Update - I have finished a rough for a eRev bot and will be finishing it soon.
I kinda read through very fast, but these can be bought with in-game money, real-life money, or are they free?
@DaltonicD Everything I am doing can be done by anyone, however, I am offering to do it for them for a gold fee, so in-game currency.