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Daily Business articles for Japan = yen
I was being translated in Japanese

Don't  have much time to write article.
Sorry = 0.089 Gold
Nothing much changes


My company Information

Employees 13/21
Work presence 76%
Total costs 45.6 JPY

Too many food on market very hard to sell.
I'll find a solution. To cope with my salary.

My Product List on Market
360 Q1 food - 0.033 Yen each
200 Q2 food - 0.059 Yen each
100 Q3 food - 0.08 Yen each
1500 food raw - 0.021 Yen each
700 weapon raw - 0.021 Yen each

    Monetary market

I use 300 Gold exchange

I am not a leader. So do not ask me commodity prices. Because I also just the sake of the country nationals

Day11, Jan21 19:31 Love you. YouGodMe



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Voted o7
I was given a good salary, and good commodity prices. Work for me
V Finally the prices are good on the market but we need more workers. I tried everything but still don't have a single employee.
@klek Yep, Lack most is employees. Go get bb for Japan Laugh I was to translate the game into Japanese. If you have time. You can Help Japan. Whatever you want to do.
When YouGodMe will finish to translate we'll launch BabyBoom program.