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Definitely, its great to have a mpp with an ally and not being able to fight for him



If you are paying for a mpp, the normal thing is you being able to access all the allies battles in the moment this mpp is signed..

What is best of this game is having to pay for a mpp and not being able to defend your ally



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True story
fight for serbia
No problem buddy. We can work this out! Send your strongest guys to me! They have to pay for travel, they won t get TA but I supply them weapons.
@Galaico no debes morder la patita de papá Serbia o nos patearán la cara... Wink Pero parece q hizo efecto tu crítica jejejeje
Shame! V+
v+s o7
Es una traba del juego, si la batalla esta ya iniciada, no puedes pegar si firmaste,hasta la siguiente batalla. /-/nos paso con japon xD