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Marlock - Newspaper from Croatia -

Published in Croatia - Political debates and analysis - 13 Jul 2016 15:37 - 8
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So, you say Croatians want to be wiped by Poland? :p
Chirp Chirp~ madafaka(? xD
OMG my mouse broken I can t click xd
Who s the king of north? Poland is not north, denmark isn t so who would claim the king of north? I can claim it since I am Swedish and if there would be any Norwegian king he can speak with me and we can solve it. End of story.
Jimmy86, you r more like that giant dude who gets an arrow into the eye Cheeky
Izanagi is Ramsey Bolton and Jimmy is his dog
Marlock, have you managed to translate my song yet? kocunar, I am nones dog and I eat whoever I need to - now want to - remember that bro, kind regards Smile
Link to correct image-