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Published in Norway - First steps in eRevollution - 21 Jan 2016 02:00 - 0

Hello my fellow citizens. 
In this article I will explain what you should do the first days of the game, both to get settled and to help the community.

Finish the missions
By finishing the missions you learn what the game is about. Training, working and fighting everyday. 

Getting a job
Getting a job is benefitial for the economy, therefore you should take whatever is offered. Salaries will raise after some time, so for now just settle with what's available.

Join a party
As the community grows we need more people to lead the country. Eventhough you might not be interested in politics,  just join a party to keep up with the society.

Join a military unit
The only way we can survive on this earth is by attacking and defendig ourselves. In order to do this the best way, you should join a millitary unit. in the millitary unit you will get rewards for completing the daily task.

Fight in wars
If there is no war including Norway, it's still important to fight, preferably with our allies. Fighting is the most efficient way of leveling up, which will result in causing even higher damage. 

Follow orders
Those who lead the country knows what they're doing (atleast most of the time :P). Some strategies may seem odd and unefficient, however there's always a plan behind it all.

Be nice :)
Maybe the most important thing is to be nice. If we want to do well here we need to cooperate, and friendship is the best way of making it :)


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