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Published in Poland - Warfare analysis - 13 Jul 2016 13:31 - 25 PL EN
Author: Phor Killick         

As you know a couple of minutes ago a Battle of Graz in original-austrian region of Styria. It was a fierce battle between two countries and their allies until last 10 minutes where it turned into a bigger and bigger advantage for Poland. Why?

I guess there are three reasons for this:

Since the game started, Poland and Hungary were friends, who tried to help themselved if possible, And now, when people saw hungarian avatars on the other side, polish people turned immediately against them and now are arguing who will declare a war...

I am going to hang myself or something for a while, because I don't know how to react to this because it was NOT what I was trying to achieve...


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We are still friends. This battle was not against you, or for you. Simply it was against MDP. Its enough if we look your damage. Polish terratories was not in danger.
Mijenjate strane kako stignete, pucate za turčine i irance. Ubijte se
How is it betrayal? You guys with MDP, we are with UNITY. You guys attacked our best allies. What did you expect? I was try to avoid hitting against Poland, but when you guys attack an ally our duty to help them. There is no betrayal here. Allies helping allies. We are friends in RL, here you guys choose the dark side. Sorry, not my fault. Welcome to UNITY, then it won t happen again. I promiseWink
Cro-Hun-Pol Smile
PolCroHun Smile
No fence but your article does more damage to our relationship that what happened in pol-cro battle. We did what we had to do to help an ally, you are accusing us with betrayal. Shame on you my friend. You should delete this article. It s pathetic.
To be honest, there is no betrayal here. Hungary is doing it s duty as an ally
@nightwatcherHun can MDP be the dark side ?? ..we have USA in our side...we bring to you Democracy...we bring to freedom...we are the LIGHT
xD xD Laugh you are drunk @AlbRevolution? Cheeky
Izanagi, would you kindly SHUT THE HELL UP? Smile
R hllor, alternatively known as the Lord of Light
Agreed, we were fighting against hungarians, so why couldnt them?
When i see nighwatcherhun in a battle helped country by him always losing. I wonder how you can make it bro. Very talented Smile
@Tyrael Makes me smile that you keep observing my actions, but your memory is bad. Stop smoking that sh*t Smile
Szegény Tyrael.. hát neki sem a lába fáj. xD xD Laugh
Phor this is life in this game. Poland s greatest friend at the moment is Germany and vice versa. Cause we share much more than bonuses. And actually this is the action I m most proud of, while MDP SC back then, that i helped bringing those 2 countries together. Maybe in the future Hungary will be again your closest friend. but for now, you both belong to different, enemy alliances and this does not help Wink
Szia! I think I should put my words here. Well I have to say that I m disappointed. Nightwatcher you could help Unity in a different way hitting millions in different battle - not against Poland. I wanna share with you with sth. When Turkey attacked Hungary most of our society was against. We fight for Hungary and because of that our gov had troubles in MDP. After that our socety had been punished by not setting daily orders. When MPP was signed with gypsies we tried to move and still hit for us. We are with MDP but for us most important is to stay your friend and we will do - always! Don t be mad at Phor. I think that sometimes is good to be informed how situation looks like. How other side see it. It hurts us really and we wanna you to know it. Please consider it.
@rafal We did what we had to do for Croatia. It was not your core region. When we asked for your help we were defending our core region. If Croatia has attacked your cores, it would be a different situation and I would not hit against Poland.
Seriusly, Phor you are blaming the Hungarians when you stated, that MDP threatened your country with a wipe if your country doesnt do the drill? Poland is sendwitched between Germany and Turkey, maybe Iran is there too. You had a chance to say no? And now you blame the hungarians, when they are in 2v1 fighting for survival, helping their allies, meanwhile my choosen country is fighting on three fronts....
Germany choose to fight with Poland, Hungary could chose to, but they chose Croatia, it is simple as that
@Nightwatcher I mention situation with Hungary vs Turkey war, to prove that friends means friends and alliances are in background with our relations. I m young player but as older guys told me - that statement was from the beginning of this game and I hope we want to take this situation to be not changeable. The situation looks different - 2 your friends is fighting. You should try to divide them, arguing to take a peace, calm down or just do nothing. You made decision to help one of them kick ass the second.
@rafal You need to let it go my friend. All I can say what I already did, and I dont want to repeat myself.
I love hungary