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Published in Greece - First steps in eRevollution - 13 Jul 2016 03:27 - 5

I do not know about you, but I need 50-100 hq5 just to finish my daily mission.Of course, I have the opportunity to fight without hq5 but it will take much much more energy.Admins,I would like you to let us vote which event we want,as you did some time ago.Everyone remembers the spam that flooded the international chat with newspaper links and articles during the media boom.
That's all , admins!Just let us vote!



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Bad article
This event is helping the economy. I don t think every event should be easy...
@Biskvit I didnt request easier events...but those players who are new or do not buy gold...just cant afford all that...
@FantasticMaster this is a business, businesses need to make money, so the focus is on making the players spend money on the game. It doesn t have to be nice to to people that do not spend money on it Smile