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Published in Romania - Political debates and analysis - 12 Jul 2016 17:03 - 13

    Every country has some political titles, which doesnt do anything. They are there just as a honorary titles, except Prime Minister which can accept citizenships.
I was thinking of some features that could be added to some members of the government and also to the Congress

 1 - Minister of Defense -to be able to change the Daily order in each military unit. This doesnt change the current game settings. Commanders and captains can always change the DO, but just to add this feature, for every MU in the country, to MoD.
This is helpful when the commander and captains are active only 2-3 times per day.Will help in a better organization of country's damage
         - for this option can be added MU's commander approval to let the MoD to set its MU order, but his approval to be only one time/minister.If commander is accepting the MoD, he cannot remove him. If MoD is changed, then commander can approve or not, the next one.

 2 - Minister of Foreign Affairs  - to be the only one in game that can propose MPP without the right to vote. Remove MPP law from congressmans, but they can vote MPP law that MoFA proposed. This way, MoFA should have like 50 laws available/term, only MPP proposals.

 3 - Prime Minister - to be able to change the ministers in the government

 4 - Congressman presence - When you check a law(ped or still in progress) to be able to see what congressmans voted, without seeing their choice. This way, the day before elections, to be shown a report with presence of every congressman based on how many laws they voted from all of them proposed.

I know they are not perfect, but can be improved. If you have any thoughts that can improve the above suggestions, feel free to add a comment. 



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late i write this to admins like 1 months ago Wink and not answer Laugh
and it will make this game more dynamic if admins approves it Laugh
good ideas
1. It would be nice if the MoD would simply set the MoD orders for the country. Then the MU commanders could have these settings: - Automatically use the MoD orders as the MU orders - Use the MoD orders if there are no custom MU orders - Only use custom MU orders, ignore the MoD orders 2. That would be great, but then the countries would depend 100% on the integrity and availability of the MoFA. Maybe the CP and/or Prime Minister should also be able to propose MPPs. 4. I d prefer vote transparency. It makes perfect sense to know, even as a citizen, who and how they voted. YES (list of voters) NO (list of voters) Did not vote (list of congress members) - this might be important because some members leave the congress and it s better not to assume they could ve voted but they didn t. 5. What about a side panel for congress members, showing pending laws that they didn t vote yet? It would be very easy not to skip laws by accident, because that can happen sometimes.
Admins: nl2br() please.
I agree
in romana? ca imi e lene sa citesc in engleza? Laugh
Yes, i agree. Thinking about the congressman presence, this could also make them to hurry their votes before knowing what is all about.