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"Don't Let Me Down"
(feat. Daya)

Crashing, hit a wall
Right now I need a miracle
Hurry up now, I need a miracle
Stranded, reaching out
I call your name but you're not around
I say your name but you're not around
First and Foremost I would like to thank those who voted for me in the CP Election it was a very close and tight race. few votes away from the winning. We must now look forward to the upcoming congressional election. I am proud to announce that Ace will be running for congress.
If you already don't know me my In-Game is spitfireYG. my Discord name is Ace. I go by my many names Ace, smokey, spit, spitty, spitfire, etc. It's the moment you have all been waiting for my Congressional Election Platform(CEP).

Foreign Policy

- Fully Recover cores from Indonesia and Japan.
- Play an active role in MDP and ist allies in need.
- Continue to support the Ambadorial Program.

Military Policy

- Maintain the Arm America program to stay coordinated and capable of dealing large amounts of damage in important mive attacks.
- Support The Maginot Line(The Lincoln Line) since Abe will be donating a lot of gold to this program :D

Economic Policy
I don't have much to say to the economic Policy since everything is pretty much Under control.

- Support lower import taxes
- Support Monkus Economics Reform Bills

Media Policy

- Consistent weekly WHPR’s to inform the public of the happenings within the executive
- Maintain the national eRev radio to continue to inform the public of national news and events.
Domestic Policy

-  Support eNASA program to encourage an American baby boom.
-  Increase funding to the DoCA to support current and upcoming programs.

Tech Policies

- Maintain current websites with relevant and up to date information
- If possible Centralize the systems


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