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Published in Nigeria - Social interactions and entertainment - 20 Jan 2016 19:50 - 1

on day 19 i decided to attack south africa. because we have no where to fight here and they are good match to us.

and on day 20.

wait! who is that? a bh hunter?

wow, a patriot.
but i don't recall a strong fighter like him.,2716087415&fm=21&gp=0.jpg

wow, play since Jan 20, that's day 10, today!

a new player at his 1st day is stronger than me!
he must be using too much Bazooka.(*5 damage)


who are those? tourist?

wow, our war start a babyboom in south africa!

hope they don't have same ip.


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lol I know how you feel In Austria We had 5 players banned in first week (there is only 15 citizens)