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Published in Brazil - Warfare analysis - 09 Jul 2016 17:32 - 24

I would like to bring to your attention a new functionallity just delivered on the eRevTools. Now, you can plan the damage for a specific battle and then track actual results. This can help MU commanders to better plan your attack force before actually going to the battlefield with much more accuracy.

Here you have a small guide on how to create your personalized player list, plan damage for a specific battle and compare results with actual damage from ingame data.

First things first, go to the eRevTools app: Then,login using Facebook authentication to get access to this specific functionallity.

Create your personalized players list

Go to the Damage Calculator menu and then click on “Click here” under Players List section. You can see now list of players that is going to be used later on to plan and calculate damage for a specific battle, so here you need to maintain the players that are going to participate in the battle.

To add a player to the list, just type the player s eRevollution ID in the eRev ID field and click Add button. To remove a player from the list, just click Remove button on the right-hand side.

Plan damage for a specific battle

Now that you have your player s list setup, you can start planning how much damage each one is going to hit by selecting weapon, numbers of hits and booster.

Go to the Group Damage Calculator and you will see that your player list is already loaded. Now, you just need to select which battle you want to plan your group damage on the upper left-hand side. For this specific battle, you may want to select Defense System in place at the battle s region and whether you have Natural Enemy law. For each player, select weapon, booster and number of hits. When you finish setting up everything, just click Calculate button and you are done.

If some of the players already hit in this battle, you will see actual results on Battle Hits and Battle Damage columns.

Compare results

Whenever you want to come back and check if players already hit on the battle, just click again on the Group Damage Calculator and actual results will be updated accordingly to ingame data. Battle damage data is updated every hour.

I hope you enjoy this new functionallity and should you have any question post it below as a comment.


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Voted! =)
-VOTED- Mr Gabiru, your Tool is awesome, good job bro. I like it and want more news o7
It s really awsome indeed. Good job there.
this is just perfect. I will make a MU soon, and this is the ideal calculator to manage the MU
@The Fallen: just added new field to load all MU members to the player list, so now there is no need to add player by player if they belong to the same MU
In this section: I enter all the informations but it show up 0. I want to see potential damage of my army.
@kinyas: always choose battle before you enter player data (weapon, booster, etc.)
ahhhh now i know why I wasn t on the winning side you funny b***ards Wink
Good tool
@Mr Gabiru awesome update as always, but if someone shots in any battle, api is showing it too late, especially last minutes of battles. I saw that while tracking api link my own damages in battles. U must add that note because everyone will tell you that your damage tracking is not working Smile
@Imperius: admins told me these APIs were not designed to be ed, so this is why I cannot read every minute to update battle statistics. The main purpose of this tool is to plan your total damage on a battle and then track when it is finished.
With last Update, this is fantastic now. Thank you my friend.
Best tool ever Laugh Thanks Mr Gabiru o7
Awesome as always. Congratz man.