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Published in Australia - First steps in eRevollution - 20 Jan 2016 17:35 - 6

So I signed up to this game a few days ago, seems very familiar!

Must admit I struggled the first few days as I seemed to be going nowhere, there was no Military Unit in Australia so couldn't do 1 of the missions. We didn't have any MPP's so I would have to move to fight (earning $1.00 a day that was not possible!)

So I 2 clicked for a few days, was appointed Minister of Defence! Received a few telegrams inviting me a Sub for Sub offers. So I thought I would start a newspaper but this was not possible to level 9 (not being able to fight meant I was stuck on lower levels). I looked into these offers of Sub for Sub as I thought I could learn something of this game to see how to get started, it seems the go iwas to make a newspaper & then request for subs...... So I have decided that I will not sub other newspapers unless they have articles that help the wider community.

Earlier today I logged in to see if I could start to move forward a bit, went to work but was unable to as a Manager due to my storage being too full :(  Thought I would sell something but that was a no go as that required level 15.....&

So clicked around a bit & then discovered Australia had a Military Unit now o/
So I joined & was able to fight, level up & finish a mission. Now I'm able to start to move forward.

I think I have rambled on enough for my first article, hope you have a nice day



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you be must be finding it hard to brush off the cobwebs and start from scratch again? I will try and keep the MU active with the correct DO's. Also v+s. No endorse until I have more money. And if you have too much food, you can send it to me Wink
Hey Rusty Smile Seem to be using the food myself now that I can fight Wink
We are going to war soon with South Africa, so save your energy for those battles
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