Bella Caledonia

Published in United Kingdom - Political debates and analysis - 20 Jan 2016 17:32 - 3
Hello fellow eUK ers,

Today in Bella Caledonia  I will be discussing why I should be the next Party President of The Nifty National Front.

e-Revollution has a lot to live up to and with it, we share just as much responsibility in shaping the future of e-Revollution. We must not make the same mistakes many of us made in eRepublik. One of the aspects which has very much died off is the social, political, and economic modules - eRepublik is solely committed to the mindless clicking and pointless wars because they have learned that is where the gold (RL cash) comes from. Plato killed off the economic module by destroying organization accounts making communes near impossible to organize (and later on made them wholly ineffective). Plato killed off the political module long ago and to revive it put the nail in the coffin by creating dictatorships which now every nation must have a dictator to protect itself making Congress and the Country President merely titles. Killing the political module damaged the social module, it became clear that the emphasis was war - war - WAR.

I have a different vision. I want to see the social and political aspects of this game to thrive and for us to build a community. I want diversity, a broad range of players from all different backgrounds, I want to bring more folks from eRepublik over to e-Revollution because here we have a chance. Particularly younger eRepublik players like myself, we had joined a game where the distortion between the strongest/oldest players and the newer were so far apart that what had become the point of trying to level up anymore? In e-Revollution we have the chance to start over and for all players to be on relatively equal footing.

If elected Party President of The Nifty National Front I will push projects that will increase player participation and engagement. I will seek to democraticize party structure and create roles for party members to take on to help build this Party and this new e-nation. We are the founders of a New World, a better world, a world in which we will drive the e-Revollution to greater heights!

Sincerely your s,


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What projects do you have in mind? How will you fund and run them? Also what's your erep name?
Gets my vote, changing the name of the party might help :p