The difference between weapons tanks and helicopters

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I saw that a lot of people ask in the feed about difference between weapons, tanks and helicopters. So, I decided to write this article to explain key difference between them. I m not sure if this is all that s different between weap, tanks and helicopters, but I think this is the most important one. Because of that, I ll ask anyone who knows more to leave it in the comments :D
The key difference is in the firepower:
q1 1.2x
q2 1.4x
q3 1.6x
q4 1.8x
q5 2x
q1 2.2x
q2 2.4x
q3 2.6x
q4 2.8x
q5 3x
q1 3.2x
q2 3.4x
q3 3.6x
q4 3.8x 
q5 4x

There are also bazookas which have 5x firepower :)
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