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In an effort to solidify the nation as a socialist State, we are going to try kit out every citizen in one uniform. This will further emphasise your unique identity as an Irishman and/or Irishwoman. Whilst it will not be mandatory, it is highly encouraged we all wear one to look the part and show any nation that wishes to oppose us we are united and determined to uphold our Empire. Below is a few examples of uniforms I have saved on my laptop. Please vote for which one is your favourite and you'd most proudly wear.







Vote for your favourite in the comments below!



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Number 4 or 5 for me o7
Hey make my picture with number 4 please! o7
Yes definitely the 4th one for me Smile
5, then 4. nice work. v&s.
5 (4 is good also)
just testing #5 [see my profile - looks pretty good]. only suggestion is that the text be a greater contrast -white or the gold from the rightmost bar.
I like 3 the most because of the castles. The surname Kelley has castles in it's Clan Crest. "God is a strong tower within me". I'm also fine with 5 XD
hmm, a solution seems to be emerging... hmmm. ah, it is all clearing before me now. [oh, my glasses have just defogged] Seems most - so far -like the second frame. what if we used that, AND the three different emblems in the upper right. We can choose among three squads [Castle; Shield; and Dragon]. Our individual frames then sport the appropriate emblem. Maybe run some inter-squad competitions just to liven it up. thoughts?
of course, our good officers would have a distinctive frame suitable to their august stations.
my vote, thx sluagh
voted subs cheer up mate!