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Hello Dear Citizens of eWorld .
Recently we saw that Admins finally decided to change regions and resources in order to give us more fair game .

There were many suggestions which admin sent back to Countries to discuss about them i hope Admin will Consider most of them !

One of them was Adding One resource to each country which is excellent idea , for Example in 65 Regions in Western Asia and Middle East there is Only 1 Granite and 1 Robber .1 in 65 is not much sense ! or 65% of France Resource are Cow or Fruit !! one of the good solution is adding Resources .

Also Tax Idea which Frank Underwood mentioned first is very good One and should be added beside New Resources.

I heard many voices about countries Region numbers . some says it is not fair and even some admins accept that .but nobody give exact propose . In this Table you will see my research on this issue , i consider Real Area of each countries as main factor but i also countries active players as a bounces for them .

If Admin have plan for changing regions i think this is the most fair Numbers of Regions for each countries (with
Minimum of 4 and Maximum of 12 regions) 
I'm not saying Numbers Should be exactly like these , maybe some believe that we shouldn't consider active players as an option because it changes in future but changes will be around 1 region i think and admins could do this every 6 month ( if new baby boom take place ) .

Some countries will face Huge Decrease . In my proposal part i increase maximum region for them to 15 . also some countries are very active or they are in important position in map and always see war around them! so i think it would be better not to decrease so much to have more excitement game !

Please Share your Ideas . 

First Table Factor : Area 3-10 , Players 0-5

Second Table Factor : Area 3-12 , Players 0-3

Best Wishes , Mohammad

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Comments (25)

first Laugh
You did it
s v c
DONT TOUCH CANADIAN REGIONS !!! even this we are weak and so decrease our region and that is end for canada ...
I think your proposal is good except for increasing number of regions for players. In certain games, some countries have MORE REGIONS than others because it used to active but now it barely have anyone. In far far futures for eRev, some countries will lose populations as all games do and I wonder if admin will be willing to go through map changes again.
@Kuranfil i think one region is not very different(or necessary to change !) but admin will add more resources instead ! ......@Talesweaver you right , admin should consider changes every 6 month , i dont think it would be good for game to not change for 5 years !
Armenia 4? cmon u can do it better
good idea, it s a chance to play more just. now that resources are shared areas and there are several little to fight for them.
I dont think so mr bot
The number of active players changes. You cannot base regions on them
France is not Ok with that !
The only fair think for all players no matter what country they are from is that every country of the eRevollution world have same number of regions. That way no country have advantages like USA have now. If USA have same number of regions as lets say Macedonia that will show that admins consider both countries and players from both countries equal. Then resources should be added on random base.