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Published in United Kingdom - Political debates and analysis - 20 Jan 2016 01:47 - 0

 Twitter is too slow in dealing with the so-called IslamicState (Isis), an Anonymous-linked hacking collective has told the Huffington
Post. Writing in an email, GhostSec commented about a lawsuit brought against
the micro-blogging site in which a woman who lost her husband during a militant
attack, blames the platform for the growth of Isis, also known as Isil and
Daesh. The email, signed by @_Ransacker, stated: "...while it may be
difficult to hold Twitter legally responsible for the death of the woman's
husband, I do think that Twitter and most other social media platforms have
been too slow in dealing with ISIS and other terror groups. " Legal
experts believe the case is unlikely to succeed. According to the Wall Street Journal,Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are covered by a section of the Communications
Decency Act in the U.S.
Section 230 exempts services,including social media platforms, from being responsible for the actions of
their users. In response to the lawsuit, Twitter told the Huffington Post:
"Violent threats and the promotion of terrorism deserve no place on
Twitter and, like other social networks, our rules make that clear."We
have teams around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations,
identifying violating conduct, partnering with organizations countering
extremist content online, and working with law enforcement entities when
appropriate.” GhostSec also said companies, such as Cloud Flare, (which makes
sites more secure) "need to take more responsibility for the fact that
they provide services to Isis."



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