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Published in Japan - Financial analysis - 19 Jan 2016 21:32 - 7

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Remind everyone

Fight for higher salaries

I can guarantee that the commodity price will not temporarily changes

The purpose of this news
let the people know the market, there is a what I want to know who purchased my merchandise
I just write what I trafficking of goods and foreign exchange.

You can see every day how to trade commodities with my money in the game.
I do not want to earn much interest, but I need gold to upgrade cmpy and buy raw cmpy = yen
Today gold price changes

My company Information

Employees 11/20
Work presence 81%

Total costs salary 26 JPY

Nothing special today,
but there are 2players has 2day did not play.
I fired him/her.

You can see Work persense are going【100%】, This is very good.
There are 10 people working for me.

Because of lack of employees, it can not produce more of the raw material today.
Sorry Japan

My Product List on Market
    100 Q3 food - for theirina 0.07 yen each - sold out 7 yen  why did I sell Q3 food to him/her? Because he/she was on the IRC, And I had a pleasant chat with him/her540 Q2 food - 0.06 yen each - sold out for 32.4 yen
    444 food raw - 0.02 each - sold out for 8.88 yen

    Today's revenue is ↓

Q3 food 7 yen + Q2 food 32.4 yen + 8.88 yen -  salary 26 yen = 22.28 yen

    Yesterday was 21.42 yen

    Monetary market
130.000 JPY = 0.089 Gold

4.000 Gold = 26.000 JPY

All sold out for 104 yen

Now, the gold price is not stable, so I do not take action

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o7 v+s
Looks very good, i'm glad you have this nice setup. Congrats. Sadly i'm still waiting for employees.
@Klek Thank you.
@Klek Thank you.