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Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 19 Jan 2016 16:33 - 2

Hey everyone, Secretary of the DoI HunBurry here to announce the first DoI contest! The contest itself is fairly simply. The goal is to simply gain as much exp as possible through fighting,  completing missions and daily missions, etc. The players will be rewarded according to the following:

1st Place: 5 USD, 3 Guns, 25 Q1 Food
2nd Place: 3 USD, 2 Guns, 20 Q1 Food
3rd Place: 2 USD, 1 Gun, 15 Q1 Food


-No one over level 21 may participate in the contest.
-Cheating in any way will result in removal of stats from contest.
-The use of advanced building and houses is prohibited.
-Use of IRL money to gain energy is prohibited.

Anyone who breaks the rules will be removed from this contest and banned from the next three DoI contests. 

To enter the contest, simply email me at with your name, and send me the entry fee of 3 USD. You experience will be monitored starting whenever you receive a message back from me via email or pm. Monitoring will end on January 27 at 12am. Thanks for your participation, hope to see a lot of it!


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aww common D: no one over 21?!