Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How can I change my password and email?
A: You can change your password by clicking “I forgot my password” on the login screen. For
request of email change, you need to email us at and we will confirm that you are the real owner of account.
Q: Can you delete my account?
A: No, it is not possible. But you can request for permanent ban for your account by mailing us.

Q: Why I cannot remove my food factory and food raw material factory?
A: Those factories are given by game once you are registered therefore it is not
possible to remove or sell them. You can only downgrade If you upgraded them
Q: Can I put my Helicopter and Tank companies on sale in market?
A: No you cannot but you can downgrade the companies and get %50 percent of the investment back.
Q: How many accounts am I allowed to have from one IP?
A: You can only have 2 accounts connected from shared IP and they should belong to different
players. Donation and activities that aim profit on market are not allowed
between these accounts. They cannot work in companies of each others.
Q: Is it illegal to sell my account/gold/items for real money?
A: Yes, you are not allowed to sell any of you belonging in exchange of real money and account
or currency from another game.
Q: I have received donation (Gold or item) from someone I do not know. What should I do?
A: Gold or items you have received must be returned to the donator. If you receive such
donations regularly, you should inform us with screenshot by mailing
Q: When is the discount for factories and buildings?
A: We can never give a specific date for the discount. It depends on circumstances and updates
that you will always hear from us.
Q: What is the Premium Membership?
A: For every 1000gold you purchase from the Store, you earn one star. Those stars give you 5%
bonus gold for every purchase you make after. For instance:
Between 1 star and 2 star: For every 100 gold of purchase you earn 5 gold more.
Between 2 star and 3 star: For every 100 gold of purchase you earn 10 gold more.
Between 3 star and 4 star: For every 100 gold of purchase you earn 15 gold more.
Between 4 star and 5 star: For every 100 gold of purchase you earn 20 gold more
It is not possible to have more than 5 star and If you have5 star, for every 100 gold of purchase you earn 25 gold more.
Q: Will you implement new payment methods? When?
A: Yes, there will be alternative payment methods and we are doing our best to implement
those as soon as possible. However, it requires bureaucratic procedures which
take time.
Q: I am dealing with someone who insult me. What should I do?
A: Please send the screenshot of issue to . If you are insulted in
chat wall, you better take screenshot and send email as quick as possible.
Q: My commander of military unit is inactive for a quite long time and he has no deputy as
well. Is there any way to replace him?
A: Send the link of military unit to the and we will analyze the issue.
Q: I have same number of vote with my competitor in elections but he won it. Why?
A: If your competitor win the elections although you got the same number of votes in
elections, the one nominated before win the title.
Q: I found a bug about game. What should I do?
A: You should not use the bug you have found in your advantage and inform us by mailing at with clear explanation instead. You will get a
reward for it. However, abuse of bug will cause punishment.
Q: I got scammed.What should I do?
A: Give that player a little time, there might be a situation s/he has to deal with. If you
could not get answer or item/gold in change of trade for a long time, send the
relevant screenshot to and we will analyze the
Q: I got banned and I do not think I did broke any law. What is the procedure I should follow?
A: If you believe that you did not do anything illegal, mail us at with the supporting evidence and we will analyze the issue.
Q: Is it possible that moderators will act impulsively and punish the players?
A: No, in case of violation of law, our moderators analyze all the evidences carefully and final
decision is up to admin board.
Q: I have received a warning from moderator/admin, what does it mean?
A: We may give a warning If you have violated any of the laws. If you repeat such action, it
will cause further punishment.
Q: I suspect that a player have violated a law, how can I report the act?
A: Please send us an email at including the profile link of suspicious player and the supporting evidences. We will analyze the case.
Q: How can I earn eRevollution Ambassador medal?
A: Once 25 people registered the game with your reference link and reached 20 level, which also
means when you earn 25 society builder medal, mail us at erevollutiongame@gmail.comand you will get the medal.
Q: How can I join IRC?
A: In order to get in touch with moderators and other players, you can use these channels:
For official chat room : http:// /erevofficial,
For official Trade room : http:// /erevotrade


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