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Hello e-revollutioners

As first of my articles i want to appoint something that i recently noticed. When i checked few countries laws i noticed something strange. 

Like any other countries, that try to make market normal place, and move the economy, we need country currency - cc. First step for that is Money issue law. By my suggestion, our cp printed 5000 cc for 50 gold. 

Next while i checked other countries law, i noticed smth different and unusual.

Australia - (
Croatia - (
Bulgaria - (
France - (
Greece - ( 
AAAAAND OTHERS rate is 200cc = 2 gold

While in Macedonia (
Serbia (,
Romania (
and few others rate is 100cc = 1 gold

If there is bug, or something else, i ll ask from admin to see what he can do about it. Also i ll ask for moderators to report this problem.

Also this is 1000 article in the game, so show some respect ;)

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